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Multiplayer Dots and Boxes

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79 ratings

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The famous nostalgic game is now available on Android

Wired Pixel is a competitive strategic puzzle game that offers an addictive gameplay. The game is inspired by the famous game Dots and Boxes that millions have already enjoyed playing on a sheet of a boxed paper and pen. We are more than thrilled to awaken the nostalgic feelings people have towards this wonderful game and bring it to your smartphones.

Challenged by an equal foe, dare and conquer the most territory you can acquire! Don’t let the game’s simplicity fool you - with multiple strategies to implement, you can never underestimate your opponent or risk your territory, with the same adrenaline to how you would experience a Battleship game! Mess up your game, or win it within few moments - strategize and adapt to dominate your opponent line by line, box by box and the player that remains with the biggest conquered space, will be able to call him or herself the king/queen of the hill.

Prepare for the real challenge by participating in the training mode, where you can test your strategies and build your technique to outperform your opponents in quick-match mode or win tournament prizes!
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