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Track your sleep, wake-up refreshed and improve your overall health and focus.

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Sleep Tracker description

Track your sleep, wake-up refreshed and improve your overall health and focus with Sleep Tracker from Uevo. Sleep Tracker uses a custom algorithm to track the sleeping cycle of a user, through which it enables the alarm to start just at the right time. You can also benefit from soundscapes that improve your sleep quality and get you faster to fall asleep.

Some additional features from Sleep Tracker include:
- Track your sleep duration, cycle and efficiency in a simple way.
- Use it offline or online, just by placing your phone close to the bed (next to your pillow).
- Understand your sleep in different phases with data from light sleep, deep sleep and time spent awake. All in one place, on the history tab.
- Customizable Smart Alarm to wake up at the ideal time, with the proper snooze, volume and wake-up window.
- The sleep lab offers a collection of average sleeping habits, including bed time, wake-up time, sleeping duration and efficiency. This way you know how much you sleep and how efficient your are.
- Choose from a set of soundscapes to fall asleep much faster and more relaxed.

Please ensure your register to benefit from the rich features that the application offers. Including unlimited measurements, history, configuration options and more.

Download this simple and advanced sleep tracking application, to record your sleeping habits and wake up with smart alarms and enjoy a healthier day.
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