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Make your smartphone an instant heart rate monitor. Fast, accurate and easy.

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Heart Rate description

Heart Rate is a heart measurement application that leverages similar technologies used by pulse oximeters. You place the tip of your index finger on the main camera of your smartphone - covering the lens, and hold it for a couple of seconds for pulse to be detected and measured. The app will do the measurement and show the result, which then is stored with your user profile.


- Heart Rate Measurement
- Real-time PPC Graph
- Auto-Stop or Continuous Mode
- Heart Rate Zones
- Custom tags for different types of measurements
- Measurement History
- Sharing on Social Media

Make sure to put your finger tip gently on the camera lens, as pressing to hard reduces the blood flow and the results are harder to get.

Make sure to Register and benefit from:

- Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Measurement History
- Unlimited Measurements
- Profile Customization
- Google Fit Integration
- And much more

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