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Llama Llama Spit Spit
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Llama Llama Spit Spit 1.1 apk, update on 2017-05-05
The spit is on! Defeat hipster enemies as you collect coins, power-ups and crazy llama costumes. Lllama-tastic scores can land you on the leaderboard, so what are you waiting for? Get spitting!

• Play a REAL game from Season 2 of Nickelodeon's hit show: GAME SHAKERS!
• Swipe and spit to defeat enemies in this endless arcade shooter
• Zip through crazy Game Shakers worlds!
• Release Llamageddon on your hipster bosses!
• Change it up by unlocking crazy llama costumes and free gifts as you play!
• DJ penguins and Keyboard kitties!

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Llama Llama Spit Spit APK reviews

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BEST GAME EVER!!! So addicting, when I come home from school I play, even when I wake up XD!!! I'm in fourth place and in other places two. My two names are P-P( for my initials), and 666 for fun.
I love the game but I all ready played all the booses and it is getting boarding because There are no different booses. Also bab can you beat my record your not it seams that you suck at llama llama spit spit haha
Elaine Scholtz review Elaine Scholtz
I love this game its the best game I have ever played Thx Game Shakers for all your amazing games I hope you make more games Like this one I will never Delete it ????? I wish I could meet one of you guys Epecially Bab and Kenz And Ggg dont think I forgot You Hud And Dub Btw I beet Bab I got 8100 points and deafeted all bosses but you should make at least three lives
Madilyn Parson review Madilyn Parson
Hi Game Shakers! I love your new game Llama Llama Spit Spit, it is amazing and so easy to control your llama. All of the bosses and updates are amazing! I hope for more amazing games like this and Sky Whale and all of the other amazing games! -Madi
Edna Villafane review Edna Villafane
Best game love it.. I think you guys should change the time of the power ups, the higher your rank the longer, also you guys should add a bar that tells you how much you have left, sort of like subway surfers. I'm in first place with like 25,000-28,000. Love the game I play almost all day I also have all the costumes... O did I mention that I'm 30 years old.... Keep up the good work.
racecar50123 Gaming review racecar50123 Gaming
It's an amazing game when you spit and the graphics are beautiful and when you fly it's so amazing and like the graphics are better than ever I like game shakers games the really awesome I play all the corn on the cob is too short on the other game
Shemar Emile review Shemar Emile
You should add a rarity system when you collect llamas for example: the llama you get In the beginning should be common and so on. Also you should have different charge rockets for each llama for example: super llama should have a super llama themed rocket. Other than that just add more llamas to collect and you got a great game ?
Doug H review Doug H
This game sucks tried to get on and it would take me right back to my home screen
Caylee Schultz review Caylee Schultz
I love LLAMAS there sooooo cute and this game just is such a time killer lol
Jonathan Rosales review Jonathan Rosales
Gotta say this game is super fun and the bosses are challenging. Highest score 8000+
TheAnime Drawer review TheAnime Drawer
Luv it its cute and great time killer OMG THX SOOOOO MUCH XDDDD ??????
Awesome game I also like llamas
Jashaun Ward Jr review Jashaun Ward Jr
Hey game shackers just wanna say how far I came today just got the game and I'm in SECOND PLACE better watch out babe I might take your spot in first place ?