OctoPie – a GAME SHAKERS App
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OctoPie – a GAME SHAKERS App 2.0.0 apk, update on 2016-09-15
How fast can you slingshot pizza-pies to a diva, a bear, and a sumo wrestler? Can you avoid a jetpack wiener dog, a lobster on a high wire, and a crazy cat lady throwing water balloons at you? Great, you're hired!

Just pull your finger back on the octopus slingshot and let’s get started!

• Play the REAL OctoPie game from Nickelodeon's new show: GAME SHAKERS!
• Travel across town delivering pizza pies to pizza-loving customers!
• Slingshot pizzas to customers before they get mad!
• Create a pizza-splosion with power ups!
• Unlock new locations and all kinds of fun delivery truck themes!
• Collect massive tips with an awesome tip-collecting mode and purchase fun upgrades!

Navigate the OctoPie delivery truck to delivery locations. Drag your finger to aim a powerful octopus slingshot and deliver pizza to customers in high-rise buildings. Aim for customers in green windows – but don’t wait too long! Customers will get mad and close their windows if you don’t shoot them a pizza in time!

• Deliver pizzas FAST to earn more tips. Collect costumes and power ups along the way.
• Don’t forget to avoid obstacles that slow you down!
• Pause the game at any time and start again when you’re ready!
• Turn sounds and music on or off in the settings

Download the OctoPie app from the Game Shakers TV show and start playing today!

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OctoPie – a GAME SHAKERS App APK reviews

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Will Greco review Will Greco
Worst game ever
I can't even get the game to ****** work
Earma Henderson review Earma Henderson
The Apocalypse
Emma Davis review Emma Davis
Love this game you all should get this and, game shakes love all your games keep making those games the best one is octopie I slig the pizza so fast and, I love your show I watch it every day .
Love it
Gianni Hardy review Gianni Hardy
Love Game shakers
Love this game so much it's really cool octopi is the best game I love it so much you can throw pies and pizzas to any customer in the building
Kaveh Wojtowich review Kaveh Wojtowich
Show sucks game sucks
I don't get what people like about a show that 90% of the time the characters are screaming and yelling. Plot is horrible and the jokes are bad. The stupid character Hudson is the most meaningless character I've ever seen. I guess every kids show has to have someone dumb for the people to watch it. In summary, Game Shakers is the worst show I've ever seen and their games could be thought of by a 5 year old. Horrible
Gabrielle Duplan review Gabrielle Duplan
Hate it
I hate this. Every time I try to play it just says that the "game server" isn't working. I'd give it zero stars but then I couldn't write about how bad it is.
Chris Adams Helper1 review Chris Adams Helper1
World,s greatest game ever. Super fast to play and on this phone it has no ads. So I don,t know what the rest of you are talking about you should increase your ratings to five stars. And oh yah they have already made all of the gameshakers game they are on your computer if you go to Google chrome and then type Nickelodeon. Com and then they will put something at the top go to that thing then they will bring something down then go to gameshakers and then check for those games.
Mia Botha review Mia Botha
This game is so mutch better than Sky Whale but there is one thing, you should make more games like pick it scratch it and pop it. One of the game shakers game an d dirty blob then I would give you five stars. And I ❤ your games make more. I play it day and knight
Mendie Shelton review Mendie Shelton
Love this game. But its has a lot of bugs that need to be fixed. Such as Not being able to see the residents that your slinging the pizza too. Also the game will load but then you will only have a yellow striped screen. Please fix these bugs because it really is a great game.
Kara Visser review Kara Visser
I love game shakers and octopie! I am gona downlowd skiwale and nasty gotes! But were is dirty blob? I want to play it and see how it works. But I always watch game shakers. Babe and Kense, you are awesome and also dobbel g and triple g! And I just want to say I love you gise and youre games.
The game is very cool though not better than sky whale and please it's Halloween! Make some updates and please make more games like dirty blob.Also pls do it in a way that we can change the Octopus
Ethan Kistnasami review Ethan Kistnasami
Hate it
I go in the game, it says game shakers and stays like that. I reinstalled the game,cleared the cache from all my apps and restarted my device. It made no difference! I waited half an hour and still nothing. NICKELODEON BETTER REPLY AND FIX THE GAME!!! It is a nice game. Please fix it.
Lynn Younts review Lynn Younts
Loading, Freezing, and Logging off.
When I first got the game I thought it would be fun but I never got to play it! It froze, logged me off, and never stop loading so after all that I deleted it. But you can do whatever you want so. I was not trying to make it sound ba ad that was my opinion.
Tinapatricmia Mia review Tinapatricmia Mia
I installed it 3 times and it didn't work!
I tried playing it but it gave me a black screen. So I got so mad . I thought it was going to be fun. So l deleted the game. Then l tried two more times but it still didn't work. So l will never ever get this game again.Sorry, for making this game look bad but this is my opinion. My brother also tried it and it still didn't work.So I'm never going to think about this game again. :-( Again sorry for making this game look bad.
Kathy Buzuleciu review Kathy Buzuleciu
Dumbest game in the world
Hate it is still sleeping with the phone isn't working right now but I'm not yet to go with you ready for work tomorrow and let me know the oval office. Ok I'll stop and get home and let the world know ps this is c r a p