Ballarina – A GAME SHAKERS App APK

Ballarina – A GAME SHAKERS App
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Ballarina – A GAME SHAKERS App 1.1 apk, update on 2016-12-01
Run, dodge, and smash your way through a variety of crazy race tracks, complete with exploding daisies, running butts, and BALLARINAS! Rival racers are trying to take you down, so gear up, power up, and roll your way to Ballarina victory!

• Play a REAL game from Season 2 of Nickelodeon's hit show: GAME SHAKERS!
• Customize your Zebra with fun wearables, costumes and more!
• Play the way you want to – Tilt or swipe your finger across the screen to use the Joystick control!
• Unlock new tracks when you beat each level!
• Bump into the dancing Ballarinas to fill your Power Up meter!
• Use Power Ups to your advantage and win first place!
• Avoid obstacles that slow you down!
• Defeat rival racers to move up the leaderboards for more fun surprises!
• Play the whole Ballarina game for FREE - no in-app purchases!

If you like playing Sky Whale, Nasty Goats, and OctoPie, you’ll love Ballerina. Download the Ballarina app from the Game Shakers TV show and start racing today!

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Ballarina – A GAME SHAKERS App APK reviews

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Jai-Jai m review Jai-Jai m
I love how u can customize your zebra and your ball.? and im sooooooo glad they DON'T charge u 99cent like in the show. and the zebra is hilarious cause he says"you ain't my z-bro??????????????????? Also in the game win u win 1st place game shakers give u 100 coins
A Google user review A Google user
It is the worst. Why cant i win with out power ups when i use the freze one it just holdes one second. This is a stupid game game shackers. And were did the components get thoose outfits.
FrostyPaw TheWolfie4 review FrostyPaw TheWolfie4
Loved the app and I love GAME SHAKERS but I think u should make another game called paracute instead of parachute because u should be able to pick a cute animal (puppy kitten hamster rabbit ) but make them super cute then u have to make the animal parachute down and avaoid obstacles in the air like clouds birds and fruit ! Every level it gets harder! And ivp would appreciate it if you wrote back to me and told me u would use it ! And I would like it if u used my idea in an episode like in ballarina when Hudson came in a ball and at the end of the episode could babe and the others come and give me a shout out!!! Please write back to me!!!!!
Demond Gilder review Demond Gilder
This game ballarina is awesome and amazing and you should definitely download this great game i also love the show who made the game Game Shakers it is so funny and great plus i love Cree Criccino the girl who plays babe she is my favorite character she is smart and funny
A Google user review A Google user
A Google user review A Google user
Awesome game. I am so sorry that these people are making bad reviews. All of these games are cool. I even watch Game Shakers. Keep it up!
Daniella Shahravan review Daniella Shahravan
It's not such a fun game because i go the fastest i can and even the watermelon they still beats me. And then i always come in #4th place? and i can NEVER get in the top 3.
Kaitlyn Reymond review Kaitlyn Reymond
I hate it because. You can't control the game this game is the worst I will delete this game
Norain Amer Hamzah review Norain Amer Hamzah
It's kind of laggy. And it's hard to win because the other zebras are 15% faster.
Nikita Watt review Nikita Watt
Its the best game I ever had played its my number 1game I always play it I love it ❤❤❤????????♥️?❤️??? ITS FUN!!!
Trinity Manley review Trinity Manley
I think this is a fun app but I can hardly stand it because of the controls. They are AWFUL. Please reply. Also like if you agree.
Bling-Bling11 Superstar review Bling-Bling11 Superstar
I love it, I wish the tilting controls weren't that fast like if u tilt left it kinda goes slowly, same goes for the right
A Google user review A Google user
I really LOVE this game. So addicted to it. Really fun. I also love the game shakers show and the real company. Keep making your awsome games!
Isaiah Arvidson review Isaiah Arvidson
This game is so much trash and it's so boring. I recommend u don't get this boring ahh game!.
Brianna Rios review Brianna Rios
It is the best I want to meet you I live in Greece California Drive please come If you can I watch your show every day