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LEGO® STAR WARS™ 10.0.31 apk, update on 2016-04-22
For hundreds of years Yoda™ has trained the Jedi Knights™ of the future, but never for something like this. The Dark Side is preparing a weapon more powerful than any Jedi™ has ever faced before. Play now to take control of the galaxy!

Build, create and control your favorite characters and vehicles to smash your enemy, solve puzzles and complete challenges within the LEGO® Star Wars™ universe.

- Quest with Yoda™ or Count Dooku™ to discover your destiny
- Battle and build your way through 15 iconic levels of LEGO® Star Wars™ action per side
- Create and control armies from elite Clone Troopers™ to powerful Starships
- Discover exciting mini movies that reveal the story
- Play exclusive bonus levels to rank up and upgrade your units
- Featuring 18 official LEGO® Star Wars™ models
- Play with over 30 LEGO® Star Wars™ Minifigs including Yoda™!

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May the Force be with you!

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Kevin Gardose review Kevin Gardose
Very nice! But Droidekas has their own shield generator and shield super battle droids have blasters on hand cant use grievous in get to the tunnle on tatooine you also not include assajj ventress,darth maul, and even savage oppress! Pls. Fix.
sahar albayati review sahar albayati
Its kind of nice but not amazing lego is stopped doing emprovments its also boaring i don't know why i am giving them 5 stars i am just stupid
EpicMan review EpicMan
It's decent
So where do I start? The controls are some what okay. The graphics looks like the nitendo DS. The story line is a bit plain. It's seems like the same missions sometimes.
It's like it's got incredibly graphic violence in it, just like Captain Underpants epic novels by Dav Pilkey!
Jasmine Marshall review Jasmine Marshall
When I downloaded it I thought we got to do figthing people.Until you uptate it Im uninstalling it
Darth awsome review Darth awsome
It's stupid
It won't let me play it because it says I have not downloaded the app
Jeremy Faber review Jeremy Faber
Doesn't Start
Maybe my phone isn't fast enough but they should've listed minimum requirements because i feel like lego anything shouldn't be hard to run.
Kenneth Erbeck review Kenneth Erbeck
it won't let me log in
all I see is a loading screen. and still loading... right after clicking the sign in button just loading screen and won't stop nor either let my type in anything. I bet it would take forever just to wait to log in..
aaron gonzalez review aaron gonzalez
Half cool and half bad
The reason I would give it 3stars is because when I was playing this game at first time it went good but next day I started playing and when I was half of it finishing the mission it went back to my regular stage. I would give it three stars if that bug was gone
Xx 子 豪 xX review Xx 子 豪 xX
AWESOME but...
This game is a must have game for star wars fans. But I think there is still room for improvement. When we enter codes, we can use them in one mission and need to enter again for another mission. I think you should make it "on" or "off" the code so we doesn't need to enter the codes again.
Anshul Tekriwal review Anshul Tekriwal
Very slow game
It is not loading its very slow and I am sure that my internet is working so please help me or i will uninstall it!!!
Taz ByAnyMeans review Taz ByAnyMeans
Not what it couldve been
Tap to move never been a fan of my finger all over the screen takes away from the visual experience, automated attacks give me an unucomplished feeling, and the cut scenes seem to be taken from somwhere else because theyre really short
Kristy Emsley review Kristy Emsley
Takes Forever to load
It Takes Forever to load and I am unslaing it
Mark Nunley review Mark Nunley
Leores Harris review Leores Harris
Love it
It is so amazing