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LEGO® Ninjago™ Tournament
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LEGO® Ninjago™ Tournament apk, update on 2017-06-13
You’ve been invited to enter Master Chen’s Tournament of Elements.

Utilize your Ninja Training to unlock your True Potential, and defeat the other Elemental Masters!
Face-off against the all new Elemental Masters, each with their own unique abilities.
Battle in Chen’s Arena against well known enemies from the Ninjago: Masters of Spinjtsu TV Series.
Level up your characters; the more you use them, the stronger they become!
Unlock your favorite characters, including Sensei Garmadon, Snike and Mindroid!
Unleash the Power of Spinjitsu to blast your way through waves of opponents!
Face a mysterious new foe…

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LEGO® Ninjago™ Tournament APK reviews

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Fiona Benson review Fiona Benson
I fell like I can do spinjitzu when I watch the show or play the game.
I am a mad fan of ninjago I always watch it and I find this game so fun but I find it hard to chose the charater:'(.
David Alex review David Alex
It's verry good
It's a good game i liked it.
Greyson Klein review Greyson Klein
Best game ever made. if you are reading this the other mean comments are l am telling you download it.
I like how they put the play botton under the pitures so that you can see them
KadirBoy900 OzdasGuy900 review KadirBoy900 OzdasGuy900
michelle aban review michelle aban
Need update
I love it but can you add more bosses too make it more cooler
XxKingStormxX review XxKingStormxX
When I open the game I only hear music but no game black screen help and I ll rate 5 stats
deepam saini review deepam saini
Not working
I downloaded it and then when i open it it opens properly but when i select play option it closes. Don not download this.
Princess Sabrina review Princess Sabrina
Just could you add multiplayer please :D
Reminds me of my Xbox 360.Add multiplayer and I'll rate 5!!
Miguel Hernandez review Miguel Hernandez
It was the best ninjago game I've played yet you should update with Zane jay and nya
Ella Traynor review Ella Traynor
Love it ?☺??
It's great but takes forever to load so I have to keep going into play store and opening the game and then the play ▶ button appears, otherwise I love this game!!! ?
Tuurlijk TariqGames review Tuurlijk TariqGames
This hurts as f***
Played with jay for the first time, i equipped more hearts and more damage, I two shot the non boss waves, and i used spinjitzu on the bosses, then i punched them and they were dead. I deafeted 778 enemies and 12 bosses, and got 3 of all events. After that jay became level 5 and didn't show the xp anymore, my score was 1.226.433 and i collected 585.690 studs. Now my richt hand hurts as f*** so i had to give up at round 78. But this app was great and if the maker made this like i can hold the fight button instead of contantly pressing it, that would be great. I rated this 4 ???? stars but if they fixed that it would be 5 stars ?????
Yosfe Nehad review Yosfe Nehad
Fix it
While fighting it stops then shutsdown and when I use spinjitsue it shutsdown and my screen version is old while fighting PLEASE fix this bug still 5 stars
xXNinjaWoolfXx review xXNinjaWoolfXx
More islands
Well I guess the game is OK BUT it will be better if u updated it and put more islands and not only Master Chen's island this is for is for the ninjago fans
Tyler Marsh review Tyler Marsh
It goes to the part where it says dojo and then it just goes to home page,please fix this and then I would give it 5*****\\5 stars