LEGO® City My City APK

LEGO® City My City
18.64 MB
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LEGO® City My City apk, update on 2016-11-07
My City – the free hit game from LEGO® City

Now you can play the newest mini games from LEGO® City My City on the go!

Bundled together in one app you can be the hero. Blast off into space and demonstrate your awesome astronaut skills or explore the secrets of the ocean in your Deep Sea Sub. Catch the escaped crooks in action-packed car chases, on foot in the park, or by boat in the swamp. Put out the fires in the city or steer the Coast Guard helicopter to rescue shipwrecked from the sharks. You can even be the fastest in the city by speeding across the finish line first in the motorbike racing game. If your car breaks down? No worries, just steer the tow truck through city traffic before it is too late. LEGO City also needs your help to remove derelict buildings, so bring in your team of demolition experts and have a blast at the demolition site. And if you feel like flying, just hop onto the heliplane to deliver cargo to the airport. Just make sure you dodge the oncoming traffic.

• 15 mini games from your favorite LEGO® City themes:
- Diver Rescue
- Space Expedition
- Deep Sea Explorers
- Police
- Fire
- Demolition Experts
- Coast Guard
- Great Vehicles
- Cargo Airport
• Increased difficulty
• Collect studs

All games are suitable for children ages 5-12. No ads or in-app purchases.

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LEGO® City My City APK reviews

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Gunnar Söderman review Gunnar Söderman
Lots of fun, even for dad.
Omid Mashayekh review Omid Mashayekh
simone abrams review simone abrams
But one thing
It took a lot of time and I had and other game that I was downloading and the game is really fun and this game I think that it would be like 1 or 2 but it took a long time so uninstall it and let the other game load and then lego when I installed it back it it took very long and the space I had to delete my games for this
Charles Daniel review Charles Daniel
Still a good game but..
Room for improvement, takes up to much space on phone and tablet. Some games are too hard to direct with your finger. Not unbeatable but difficult for my son who is almost 4.
Michael ramsden review Michael ramsden
It's grate I love it even my 3 year old brother we need more levels and a number2 version so more people buy Lego games make a super,duper version of it maybe I should stop talking now!
Did it wrong way round title awsome
Urizar castillo Castillo review Urizar castillo Castillo
It aswome
It has great graphics you can control easy people who think this game is boring are stupid it so fun
Kid Dombroski review Kid Dombroski
Mini games done, now what?!
My son loves this game, but now he's frustrated that he can't do anything except play the game again. He's completed all the mini games and can't do anything else. Is there more to this game than that? now he can not play it because he hits the play button and nothing happened.
Amanda Webb review Amanda Webb
Waste of space
When i looked for a ninjago game for my son i found this when i installed he pressed the ▶ but it never came on. Fix and i will rate 5stars
Marco Kramer review Marco Kramer
Always force closes
My daughter loves this game. After a couple of days installed it will always force close after 2 minutes. Please fix
Rayvie Anthony Pecajas review Rayvie Anthony Pecajas
I really hated it. It never let's me play.
Please fix it. When you fix it I'll give 5 stars.
Anna Higgs review Anna Higgs
When I first downloaded, it worked fine, but then after I closed out and tried to open it again, it won't open. So disappointed, my kids loved it for the couple hrs they got to play, I uninstalled, let me know if it gets fixed. I would love to install it again
Jim Maley review Jim Maley
Doesn't work
Took 45min to download, then hangs on the start screen. Very poor effort for Android, as this game works perfectly on my son's iPad. Uninstalling as it also takes up nearly 800MB
sarah bowyer review sarah bowyer
Would it be possible to have a "learning mode" where you could complete the tasks without a countdown? It's very stressful when you're learning, and it made him cry when the time kept running out. He said it is "As good as good can be" except for the too-quick countdown. My 6-year-old thought the game was cheating, because the countdown was not in seconds, but in 10th of seconds.
Amy Irvin review Amy Irvin
Please fix
I went thru a lot of trouble freeing up a lot of space on my phone to download this game and u can't even get past the very first thing. I can push the green play button over and over and nothing please fix. I want to play this game.
James Rogers review James Rogers
Move to SD storage.
Dear developer. Please have the game work from an sd card. This game is 1.3 GB and will not allow my child to have other games. Moves 30Mb to SD card. Please fix this issue and I will rerate the game