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The best Sudanese Whist Card game available in the market!

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Whist description

Whist is a cards game packing lots of features for an awesome and fun experience, those features include:
♣ A single player west mode, with a variety of difficulties to select from.
♦ An online multiplayer mode, where you can play west with other players and gain ranking points.
♠ A full in-game friends system, with the ability to invite friends to matches through notifications.
♥ Voice chat in multiplayer.
♣ In-game visual / sound effects which helps keeping the players hyped.
♠ A full west game tutorial.
♥ An amazing GUI design which comes hand in hand with the mood and aesthetic of the actual whist game.
♣ Achievements: players receive achievements when they fulfill certain tasks such as promoting to a certain class or winning against the different CPU difficulty levels.
♦ Market: different items can be bought using stars (received from collecting achievements), such items include: themes (main menu backgrounds), cards (playing cards styles), tables (in-game backgrounds), music (in-game background music).
♥ 5 levels of west CPU difficulties
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