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Enjoy eliminating others in Hareeg 14 ONLINE!

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748 ratings

Hareeg 14 description

Hareeg 14 is a card game in which four (or more) players are pitted against each other, the winner is the one who can get all the others eliminated. In each round of Hareeg, you need to reduce the number of cards in your hand by trying to put them down on the table according to specific rules.

Hareeg 14 cards game offers the following merits:
♠ Three game modes:
- Hareeg: the score is by the number of cards left in hand
- Fourteen: score by the total value of cards left in hand
- Hareeg 50s: melding is by drawing FIFTIES only!
♣ ONLINE Multiplayer
♥ Voice chat
♥ Text chat and Emojis
♠ Connection to Email
♦ Leaderboards
♦ Achievements (received by completing challenges)
♣ Message inbox for match invitations and friend requests.
♥ Shop for buying new themes, emojis, cards, music, and tables.
♣ Five computer difficulty levels.
♥ A wide variety of customizations for the game rules.
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