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Secret Camera 3.0.0 apk, update on 2018-04-16
Have you ever met this kind of situation? Sometimes you want to capture somebody’s fail to share and laugh together with your friends, but the evil trick cannot be executed because you are not alone! You will feel awkward when holding a camera with crowded people. And sometimes you may also lose the best moment by the click sound when you press shutter.

If you need to take pictures secretly, you can open Secret Camera, do your secret task perfectly and get what you want easily.

1. Unperceivable operation
Open Secret Camera you will see the dummy screen. Press “Camera” button, the app will turn off flashlight and shutter sound, autofocus and shoot. The pictures will be saved in library of your cell phone.

2. Various scenes to choose from
You can change the scene like telephone and messaging. More scenes will come up soon!

3. Super easy to switch!
You can select the scene by slide the screen.
Some android phones like Samsung Galaxy cannot disable shutter noise in normal.
Please view “Menu”—“Settings”

Secret Camera APK reviews

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manik saud review manik saud
Abdul Hameed review Abdul Hameed
Thank you
katelynbx gamesandchallenges review katelynbx gamesandchallenges
Amazing for spying on fat
This is really good for taking photos of fat people in cafés. Thank you.
Shehryar Ahmed review Shehryar Ahmed
thats good but this is not make video
shah nawaz review shah nawaz
Love it
David Feradze Peradze review David Feradze Peradze
Dzalian magaria. Gamomadga msgra
har ACHEH review har ACHEH
Erika Charlebois review Erika Charlebois
No its no
ellie willimott review ellie willimott
It keeps saying its crashed so I can't even see what it looks like! But then later on it says its fine but then I press nothing and guess what ? It crashed again!! I just say whatever to this and uninstalled it !!! My other apps aren't likely to do that any time soon!!!!
Vivek Cyril Joseph review Vivek Cyril Joseph
Consider recording Video
Works fine !!!! Recording video could help a lot..
Neil Clare review Neil Clare
Bad quality images
There are better quality apps like this out there.
Rajesh Das review Rajesh Das
Audrey Barlow review Audrey Barlow
Rajesh Chaudhary review Rajesh Chaudhary
Good camra
Aileen Tan review Aileen Tan