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Secret Video Recorder 3.5 apk, update on 2017-08-17
Secret Video Recorder.
Secret Video Recorder does background recording, NO preview, so you can use your phone as normal and NO ONE can tell you are recording video.
Just one touch for instant recording, schedule recording, SMS recording, or auto recording. HD video. Continue recording when screen off. Many useful features.

Secret Video Recorder is a background camera recorder for professional video recording and is the best app available in the Android market for background mobile recorder.
Main Features:

★ Unlimited number video recording.
★ Unlimited video duration.
★ No camera shutter sound.
★ No preview.
★ Clean material design.
★ One touch to start/stop recording.
★ Support video orientation
★ Can record during phone call.
★ Turn screen off and continue recording in background mode.
★ Schedule to record video at specific time.
★ Supports front and back camera.
★ Full HD video (1920x1080) recording.
★ Easy to config duration, camera, and video quality.
★ Enable/disable notification, screen message when start/stop recording.
★ Check free storage before recording.
★ Easy to open folder containing recorded videos.
★ Auto sync video with Google drive... to help you find your videos when you lost your phone.
★ Protect videos by passcode lock screen.
★ Show/Hide video from Gallery.

All feedback and feature requests related to the operation of the application, as well as many other questions can be send the following email of support team:
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Secret Video Recorder APK reviews

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Prabhakar Reddy G review Prabhakar Reddy G
If it records as It said to sd it is the best app in play store
Der Worth review Der Worth
Ads are too aggressive
App delivers as promised, but the full screen ads pop up even when the app isn't in use. Even as I'm writing this review, an ad interrupted me. It would've gotten a higher rating without this ridiculous aware. It's a shame too.
Sai Suresha KN review Sai Suresha KN
Good but not usable
Wonderful tool but the saved vdo is very large it consume lot of storage space..Ex;4 GB storage for 10 mins..I hope they could work on it or reply to this
katrad MLGPRO2 review katrad MLGPRO2
Good know I can record the Christmas tree over night to prove Santa's not real
? oh yeah patch with lucky patcher to get rid of ads or get ad blocker
Subodh Kumar review Subodh Kumar
Slow application but good. The main reason to provide the 1 rating is of adds from this app. An add will popup on your full window screen any time. The add will popup even you are not using the app. First I was not able to anylize, from where to this popup add is coming and I was really become frustrated. But after few days I found the reason for these popup adds. Those are come from this app. Never install this app until you purchase the pro addition of this app. Otherwise useless app, irritating.
Adnan Ali review Adnan Ali
Shows ads on top of whatever your are doing. Worst app I have ever used. First I thought may be I have changed my phone and that's how Nexus devices works. Took more then a week to know that it is secret video recorder which is doing this. Pathetic. Disgusting.
KING trevor review KING trevor
Jhed Gabriel Amorte review Jhed Gabriel Amorte
Nc app .. but i put in the settings of that app that the camera should face in front then ill back it in home after a few minutes it resets to the back cam -_- so it destructs may plan when i tap the quick record i thought it is recording on the front but it is on the backcam. lol
Patrick Everett Tadeo review Patrick Everett Tadeo
Paying for the app did nothing except allow me to save the video on the SD card. Other than that, it keeps spamming with ads and the maximum recording time is still up to 60 minutes only.
Brent Johnson review Brent Johnson
Fake app. Installed this on a galaxy tab 8 and it just shows a page of other apps to download. Doesn't do any video recording at all.
Vivek Mishra review Vivek Mishra
Good but unwanted ad sucks..
Good app to capture something secretly but u can't keep it once u r done with ur work bcz every time when u wish to c ur phone those unwanted apps will hamper ur process and will make u irritate. Even if u r on any call, d ads will pop up ...
Misha Beare review Misha Beare
Would be 5 Stars but..
Does what it says excellently, but even with all the in app purchases it still keeps asking me to rate the app! There is no option to dismiss only rate later. So now I'm rating.
Bromedy Blank review Bromedy Blank
9-11 Best App
If you need to record in secret for no matter the reason this app has you covered 10/10
Michael Duer review Michael Duer
Decent app
Records video/pictures in the background, and it's pretty easy to store/view from the app, or it's destination folder. Like everyone else has pointed out, there really should be a SD storage option.
James Williamson review James Williamson
No notification icon
I selected the check mark in settings to show notification icon and when I pulled down the status bar there was no notification icon during recording as claimed.