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Pushpay® to pay your bills, support charities or give to your church

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With Pushpay® you can easily and quickly donate to a charity or give to your church.

Pushpay® is simple, secure and very quick.

Select who you want to give to, how much you want to send them, authorize your payment and that’s it, transaction complete!

• Set up different payment methods, credit cards, debit cards or direct bank transfer.
• Enter your payment details once when setting up the account, then push pay to make a transaction securely in seconds; you are in complete control of the payment process.
• Secure payments and access to your account with either passcode or a fingerprint.
• Works with all credit and debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover.
• Pay direct from your bank account for supported merchants.
• Pushpay® is fully secure and PCI compliant. All transactions require a passcode or fingerprint and if you lose your phone you can freeze your account.
• Other features include viewing your recent transactions, updating your details (including credit/debit card) and being able to deauthorize a device.
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