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About this product

Video editor & Maker mobile app with various effects, music & transitions

Pixishow: Video Editor & Maker description

Pixishow is a music video maker and photo slideshow maker available on Google Play in 100+ countries worldwide! You can create using our trending templates, add your favorite music, stunning transitions, and many video effects.

🌟 Basic editing video & photo
With Pixishow, you can easily merge or trim your videos, daily vlogs, or videos for sharing on other social platforms. It's absolutely free and easy to use with just one click.

You can also add your own voice, sound to your video. Export your video with new sound and voice in just a single click.

From now, you can use the all-in-one video editing tool to convert your video to an MP3 file in just a minute, collage, and loop your video. Transform your videos into cherished memories.

🌟Special effects, animations and more

Do you love video with VFX and special effects, funny sound and outstanding animations? Pixishow is the perfect way to make your video get more interesting: You can mix your photos with effects, various stylish filters, easy to add them with drag and drop feature.

Many style-animations and effects for your ideal video: Cinematic, Vintage, Daily Life Style, Birthday, Family, Prank your friends, VFX, Christmas, Traveling, Magic…

Pixishow offers you the ability to create stunning video slideshows with popular music in just one click. Choose from over 200 different styles, such as movie-style, beauty filter, cherished moments, cinematic, modern, epic, or travel story.

🌟 Funny stickers, GIPHY, design fonts for your lovely video slideshow

With over 100+ funny and unique stickers, you can also choose your own style with many different design fonts.

Easily edit your videos with AI templates (choose from many styles such as travel, love, family, birthday, back-to-school, universe, and more).

🌟 Aspect Ratios for your device with high quality

Is your video not fitting your social media life? Don't worry, Pixishow can help you change the ratio to different aspect ratios, such as vertical and horizontal screens. With its powerful video editing tools, you can still maintain the quality of your videos.

Feeling bored with your video? Let's try our amazing transitions and animation effects for your photo gallery. With your creativity and Pixishow, do you want to become the best video editor ever?

Pixishow - Video Editor & Maker is a free, high-quality video maker with music and photo slideshow maker.

🌟 Video Slideshow with music: All-in-one editing tool

You no longer have to rely on multiple applications for editing your video albums. With Pixishow, a comprehensive video slideshow editing tool, you have everything you need in one place.

Say goodbye to time-consuming video editing because Pixishow allows you to effortlessly create the perfect videos according to your preferences. Choose your desired style, apply stunning effects, adjust video length, incorporate your favorite soundtracks or background music, and let Pixishow transform your footage into engaging and captivating video slideshows. Enjoy a seamless and enjoyable editing experience with Pixishow's powerful features.
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