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About this product

Best selfie picture with our camera effects and full makeup store from PixiCam.

PixiCam - Camera effects description

People tend to force themselves to follow beauty standards as they change their faces and bodies to be as modeled as possible. However, each person has their own beauty and they have their own stage to shine. Remember that you are beautiful so you do not have to follow any standards. Pixicam - Camera effects will help you retouch photos and shine the way that you want.

🎁Introducing Pixicam - Camera effects , the beauty app will let you be beautiful with the natural look that you have. With this face-app, we will provide you with a full makeup process including: retouching skin photo, acne remover,wrinkle remover, face reshape, eyeshadow, blush, vibrant hair,... almost the makeup store that you own in real life.

💕Makeup store
This full makeup store will not only change your face automatically but also let you customize your look. For example, you can edit your face and create a sweet look, chic or natural look to your photo as you want to. Besides, this app also does face reshape and makes it into a slim face.

💐Photo filters
However, in order to make things more convenient, we have prepared the photo filters for you. With this feature, you can just easily choose your wished look and the app can change your makeup like the face effects provided.

🔥Change hair color
With PixiCam - Camera effects, you can also have the hottest photo filters. Based on that, you can also catch up with the trendy makeup ranging from sweet, hot girl looks to western looks. Besides, you can also change your hair color from hot to warm and vice versa.

🥰Camera effects
In addition to that, PixiCam - Camera effects can create a sweet selfie for you without face makeover all of your looks. With the natural camera you can have the best selfie photo because this face recognition feature can analyze your look and suggest the best effects that are suitable for your face and retouch photo.

💐Edit photos
You can also edit the color and the background of the photos in order to make them look more trendy and fashionable. Thanks to this feature, you can upload more gorgeous pictures on social media.

🎁Photo collage
Besides providing all makeup features, PixiCam - Camera effects also provides photo collage features that helps you to combine different pictures from various memorable moments ranging from wedding photos, graduation photos,...

Main features:
Natural beauty cam: Camera smooths skin, covers all imperfections with pimple eraser, blemish editor.
Face effects: Natural filters for your look.
Custom makeup look: Easily choose the right makeup store for your face and edit face makeup: eyes, lips, eyebrows, blush….
Vibrant hair color: Change hair color into hot trend hair colors
Acne remover & smooth skin: Adjust the toolbar to have the smooth skin based on what you want.
Powerful photo and selfie editor: Adjust your photo colors in order to have trendy and nice photos

🎁With PixiCam - Camera effects, you can have best picture of all time with smooth skin, wrinkle remover, slim face, customize your own look with our full makeup store provided. Join PixiCam - Camera effects right away to enjoy the best moment living like yourself and having a beautiful natural selfie and photos.
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