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Speed up device, Boost performance, Optimize & Smart clean

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27 ratings

Lift Booster-Cache Clean description

Is your smartphone feeling slow and sluggish? Lift booster will speed up your device in seconds, this application offers powerful features to clean and speed booster your Android phone.

Lift booster app kills the unnecessary processes that keep the RAM busy and it wipes caches data, download folders, junk files. Also, Lift booster stopping apps form running in the background so you have as much power at your disposal that your phone can find.

Only need one-tap to speed up your system! Download Lift booster in Google Play Store now!

Lift booster Key Features:

Phone Booster

Don’t you want your phone can be fast and game to be free of interruption. All those apps and junk that you downloaded are now kludging up your phone, it slowing down your Android device for long time. Lift booster does help speed things up by freeing up RAM and deeply optimize the storage by cleaning up all the junk files, cache date, and more. Apps and processes running in the background frequently use up your phone resources unnecessarily.

Lift booster app closes the unnecessary background processes, the feature get a visibly boosted device. Increase the operating speed for your Android phone in just one second, let’s free up your storage space and boost phone speed. Come and get a faster and smoother Android phone immediately. No more lags and glitches! Let your phone faster than ever.

Speed up your smartphone now just for one tap! Download now!

Stay in contact and if you have any feedbacks for Lift booster, please contact us via [email protected], thus we can bring you the best user experience and upcoming renew versions.
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