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phone boost, battery saver & extend battery life, CPU cooler, app cleaner

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Lift Cleaner: Smart Booster description

Lift Cleaner is a clean master that clean up the cache garbage caused by hidden apps files, including hidden photos, videos, and other files. Lift Cleaner immediately clean up the cache, release the phone memory, and effectively solve all the stuck, insufficient space, and battery draining. Security engine detects virus and other malware, use the ultimate free antivirus software for Android to prevent virus! Whether the phone is stuck or the storage is insufficient, use Lift Cleaner to clean up immediately scan with the anti-virus engine to protect your photos and contacts!
Weather Service shows the latest forecasts for temperature and wind, probability of rain or thunder, and severe storm risk. No matter where you are, the weather function provide you with accurate and detailed weather forecast information, including hourly, daily and weekly weather forecasts.

Features of Lift Cleaner:
App Cache Cleaner
When our phone become lack of space, App Cache Cleaner can help you clean up all the cache data, junk files to release your phone’s memory. You only need one click to clean up your phone to free up all the space.

Phone Speed Booster
If you get the Lift Cleaner, you can no longer worry about the phone sluggishly and slowly. We boost the running speed of the mobile phone. Just need one click to use speed booster, speed up your phone, it will runs like a rocket!

Super Power Saving
Lift Cleaner can intelligently monitor and analyse battery usage status, close the apps which is high-consumption only need one click. It can prolong the battery life!

Protect Android users from malware and dangerous viruses ! Anti-virus is being an anti-virus software to keep your phone away from virus and privacy threats!

Weather Service
We provide the most accurate Weather Service by obtaining location information permissions to deliver forecasts and weather notification. With in-depth weather news, forecast updates, free weather alerts, plus today’s forecast and much more. Weather Service provide the accurate current weather reports and future conditions at your exact location around the world.


√ Clean up your phone to free up more space to store photo vault, videos and contacts
√ Save phone battery and data
√ Free software that can be smart booster
√ Free anti-virus software and anti virus
√ Clean master without registration
√ Free accurate weather reports at your location

Install this free anti-virus software cleaner to enjoy a better smartphone experience and free up storage space!
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