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Real Gunshot Sound and animation for fun play experience and pranks.

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70 ratings

Gun Simulator: Real Gun Sounds description

With realistic gun sound effects and rich gun genres, the gun simulator will be the best game to entertain you every day. You will experience the world's best weapons and guns through your phone.

You don't need to download numerous apps; just play one game to listen to the gun sounds of a rifle, handgun, sniper, and other overdrawn weapons of war. Gun collection influenced by video games with guns. Every pistol makes a distinct, authentic sound. Come and explore many shooting scenarios, take in a wide variety of top authentic gun sounds, and develop a love for gun noises!

Enjoy the play and have fun with your friends.

How to play:

💣 Select the weapon on the main screen.

💣 Tap for gunshots or explosions.

✨Pick the weapon skin you like.

✨Select the firing mode: Single, Burst Mode, Auto (Hold), Shake.


🔫 A wide choice of guns and skin.

🔫 Extremely smooth, responsive, and easy to control the gun.

🔫 Awesome skins in style of epic, camouflage, or steampunk.

🔫 Accurately simulate tough recoils striking.

🔫 Stunning 3D gun simulator with high-quality effects, flash, and vibration.

🔫 Exciting gun sounds gameplay sound of gun.

🔫 Great choice for pranks when you are with friends.

🔫 Wonderful UI/UX of the sound of gun.

Discrimination: This app is only for entertaining, can not cause damage and harm anyone.

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