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Enjoy funniest and realistic prank sounds: air horn, farts... to prank anyone

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Air Horn: Funny Prank Sounds description

You can use Air Horn: Funniest Prank Sounds to make a prank, startle or wake up your friends and family, or even celebrate during a sporting event.

Air Horn: Funniest Prank Sounds features a variety of authentic noises:

⭐ Haircut & shaving prank

This hoax razor function features real clipping noises and sensations. The sound is patterned to that of actual hair razors and varies when the gadget is positioned above someone's head. You will also experience a vibration comparable to that of an actual razor. Your buddies will believe their hair has been clipped after using this razor prank shaving function. You can't stop smiling when you see their astonished and angry looks!

Air horn Prank

With this extremely loud air horn sound, you may impress or fool your friends and family. This program features various authentic air horn sounds that will mislead everyone, including train, ship, truck, automobile noises, police sirens, and fire engines.

⭐Fart noise & fart sounds maker

For fun, use the applications to prank your buddies and watch them panic out. Turn your phone into a fart sounds machine and humiliate your pals with the fart noise timer or spice things up with fart symphonies.

There are plenty of entertaining prank noises available, in addition to fake razor pranks, fart sounds, and air horns. Examples include breaking glass, automobile noises, doorbells, and other frightening sounds.

Don't allow your life to be dull; DOWNLOAD this Air Horn: Funniest Prank Sounds app to live a longer and more enjoyable life!

Now you can effortlessly transform your phone into a fake razor prank & air horn to prank everyone and have a good time. We compiled a collection of scary noises, prank haircuts, air horns, cracking glass, farts and automobile sounds exclusively for you.

New sounds and features will be added over time, and ideas are always appreciated.

Have fun and enjoy yourself!

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