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About this product

This app will cater various client, either internal and external clients.

DL One description

The application will have multiple verticals which will seamlessly integrate the data between all the associated modules.

1. Geographical Area

2. Geographic Cluster

3. DLE Prospect

4. Workforce (ACM/TCM/EL/CDO/DLE/Others)

Geographical Area:
The application will be built on the geographical area, which will be based on the census data. In a regular practice, it has been observed, the villages which are being chosen are based on census data, but there is other requirement as well, where manual villages are created which are not part of the census data.
This application will contain the census data, year on year e.g CENSUS 2011, CENSUS 2021 along with the manual data which will be created by the user. All such data be clearly identified as Census/Manual.
Year on Year census Data - This provision will be kept in the application to accommodate year on year census data, for maintaining the historical data. e.g The data which is collected in 2012 will have the census data mapping with the Year 2011 and in case there is change in the similar census data in 2021, this can also be maintained.

Prospects (Mobile Application)
DLE is an integral part of Dharmlife and all the projects, services, sales and support are associated with DLE. In a continuous engagement process, we keep on connecting with people and involve them in joining our team as Dharmalife Entrepreneur.
CDO’s are involved in this process and identifies the prospect in the village within certain criteria.
e.g A village should have (6 P’s)
- (Paach Sau) 500 houses
- Panchayat
- (Pathsaala) School
- (Paani) Water
- (Paanch) 5 Shops
- Primary Health Center

A CDO can use the above-mentioned cluster application to filter out these kind of search criteria and get a list of villages.
Based on the result, he can start looking for the prospect in the villages and register them as a prospect in a mobile or a web application.
This will be an offline and online based mobile application.
As a prospect, he can enter the basis details of the person. In a conversion of a prospect to a DLE, the same data can be utilized and will be a quick transfer process.

Survey on @DL-One is unlike other survey application on the market because this application can handle various type of question that's include date, range type questions, drop-down question, checkbox, radio button, upload image question, rating based questions etc. Once the data is stored in offline user can fill the survey and it will automatically sync with server whenever internet connection is available. You can also apply the formula on questions so that data could be validated in real time.
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