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About this product

Connecting rural communities to digital learning and employment opportunities

DL Jaya description

Jaya means “winning from within and not over others.” We are a space for learning which connects learners, teachers, and organizations to help education and employment.

We want to create a rural movement that will empower women to overcome barriers, build skills, and help them to find jobs or start businesses. By bringing digital learning to the rural communities, especially women, we can improve access to job education, employment opportunities, and entrepreneurship support to aspiring Indian rural women.

Jaya allows learners to choose from a range of study areas, enroll in courses with video and live session content, and work towards a certificate of completion. We place a strong emphasis on community learning, connecting learners with one another throughout the learning journey.

Independent trainers and institutions can offer courses of their own, as well. Individuals and organizations can create courses, upload teaching videos, and offer training certifications through the Jaya app.
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