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Bubble Shooter 2
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Bubble Shooter 2 1.1.31 apk, update on 2019-09-01
Bubble Shooter 2 is a very fun and addictive bubble shoot game!
Only the same color balloons together,when the same color balloons 3 or more than 3 series when these same color balloons will explode,
Bubble Shooter 2 have different levels of different scenes,different levels of difficulty,more props will be more challenging.

Game mode:
1.Puzzle: use indicated move to eliminate all balls on the screen, the less moves you use the higher score you will get.
2.Arcade: eliminate all balls on the screen, and earn as much score as you can.

- play it at anytime and anywhere.
- easy operation but lots of fun.
- Beautiful natural scenery graphics.
- different scenes, likes canyon,glacier,rivers,cave and etc.
- a variety of different functions of bubbles.
- up to 250 levels.
- more levels is coming soon…

Bubble Shooter 2 APK reviews

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A Google user review A Google user
I love these games and have played all through but am now uninstalling it due to the fact I might throw my phone across the room. I am so angry as I never give up on games but arcade level 97 is driving me insane. However quick I am I cant do it because the wrong colours coming out make it impossible.
Noel review Noel
Fun-filled but I've been limited to improving on 3-star scores waiting for v.3. (Your "production apartment" has been flagrantly "loding" incorrectly, lol.)
A Google user review A Google user
You guys never give the colour which is needed the most. And why do i keep seeing ads after completing a level. Now i would requesf you to make the levels a bit easier
Eric Winston review Eric Winston
"have had "BS"-1 an 2...since thier into..an for me...it's not just the game play or the graphics but combined with of background music...!! "Ive compleated both several times..uninstall an install them an played them over an over..."an you gotta "feel" for the squirrel"??
Ilangovan B review Ilangovan B
I am uninstalling the game. Think it's untested. Random selection of balls after Arcade game 85 is horrible. It is programmed to discharge only unmatching balls to stretch the games. It makes playing lethargic and very boring.
Holly Lowe review Holly Lowe
I loved the first one, but this one seems to be a lot slower. The balls don't shoot out as fast which makes it harder to get better points. I just liked how fast the first one went compared to this one.
Cleopatra Isaac review Cleopatra Isaac
I think that part 2 is a lil more harder but I passed them anyway with mostly 1 and 2 stars. But ummm when is the others coming please. It keep saying coming soon.
pari dhiman review pari dhiman
I did not found any difference between old and new version but both are nice I am asking about the powers light lightning and fire ball plz add more powers
Addie Jones review Addie Jones
Where is #3 I've played 1 and 2 over and over again. I don't like any of the other bubble shoot games.
Lisa Barten review Lisa Barten
Too many ads and inference sending me to internet!!! I used to play this when there wasn't all the ads and was fun but now I'm deleting it!
Marla Holliday review Marla Holliday
In arcade mode #24 doesn't have an icon at the top to hit and end the game!! So I cannot proceed to #25!! Plz fix this, otherwise it would be 5 stars
Aiswarya chikku review Aiswarya chikku
I like bubble shooter very much i loved it .. it's very nice For tympassing on boring day
CaSandra Mathis review CaSandra Mathis
Aggravating as hell!
Who releases a game with a major flaw as obvious as not being able to get past level 24 because the fruit that needs to be destroyed at the end is missing? Didn't the developers test the game before launching? Thanks for turning such a relaxing source of mindless, kick back, enjoy the bursting of tiny bubbles into a now I gotcha, end of the enjoyment, cut your water short, nightmare.
Alex Parks review Alex Parks
I couldn't even get through one full game without ads popping up.
Michelle Peel review Michelle Peel
So happy to have a new version of this game. I play the old one over and over. Hope they keep adding to this one!