Bubble Shooter APK

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Bubble Shooter 2.22.52 apk, update on 2019-09-01
Fun and addictive bubble shoot game!
Another classic bubble match-three game come to Google Play.
Clear all the bubbles on the screen to level up,and try to get 3 stars on each level.

How to play:
1.Tap where you want the bubble.
2.To group 3 or more bubbles to make them burst.
Tips: Breaking the bubbles continuously can get points as bonus.

- Puzzle Mode,use the limited bubbles to clear all the bubbles on the screen.
- Arcade Mode,clear all the descending bubbles.
- Having 300 different and challenging levels.
- Having sky castle,starry night, and other beautiful scenes.

Bubble Shooter APK reviews

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Miss Lisa review Miss Lisa
I like it very much i play this game alot its the best !?
Paweł Dobrowolski review Paweł Dobrowolski
There were ads in start window it was OK, but Added recently field for adds which is all the time in game window it is not OK :(
Roxan Apique review Roxan Apique
Boring wasting time to play this crazy game??
A Google user review A Google user
Bakwas h 10 mb kharab kr di
Calliope CC Raftapostolou review Calliope CC Raftapostolou
Accurate, smooth, fast, never crashed. It was the best, now it looks old and with so many ads that doesn't worth it any more...
Victoria Milson review Victoria Milson
I love playing the game but Everytime I do a virus pop up why can tell why. Help or I can't play anymore
Patti Wischnewski review Patti Wischnewski
Wonderful but how can I delete the scores to start all over? I used to be able to uninstall but I just get back my old scores
Liam Parker review Liam Parker
Great for stress relief and keeps you engaged without becoming boring. Great fun and very addictive
Wisa Gartin review Wisa Gartin
Fun game but adds pop up after every level is played....other than that it's a fun way to relax
Tim Castine review Tim Castine
Great addictive game! Dislike adds.
Meenakshi saluja review Meenakshi saluja
I have no words for this game
Katie Whipple review Katie Whipple
Drains battery; looks good
This app looks nice; I liked the bright colors and cute little fox. I got tired of playing it because, especially in the puzzle mode, some of the levels were impossible to beat without just the right combination of colored bubbles. The app also drains your battery faster than you'd think such a simple app should.
Balbir Marwaha review Balbir Marwaha
Now hopeless game
Used to be excellent game, my most favourite.. Played for several years again and again. Now it takes back to main screen after every one two or three games. Some ads hang the game. A real pain. I am using Samsung Galaxy S4 i9000 lollipop 5.0.1. Pl fix the problem. NOBODY SEEMS TO CARE... UNINSTALLING.
Gregg Ouimet review Gregg Ouimet
Random pop-up ads are extremely annoying!!
The creator of this game must be desperate for cash! Full screen ads pop up randomly mid-game which pretty much guarantees that you will click on one eventually. This is extremely annoying!! Also frustrating is the fact that the game just keeps giving you the wrong coloured balls so some screens are impossible to finish. I have removed this from my phone.
Linda Casaus review Linda Casaus
Stupid ads!
This game has been one of my favs for a few years. I even but up with the annoying flashing ads at the bottom of the screen. But now they have ads pop up and cover half the screen! That's just rediculous! I'm gonna miss this game. Too bad ads are more important than actually letting people enjoy the game. Uninstalling.