Xray Scanner Prank APK

Xray Scanner Prank
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Xray Scanner Prank 14.0 apk, update on 2016-12-18
This is a prank app to get fun and trick your friends.
Do you want to scan your hand with X-RAY? Get fun with XRAY SCANNER!

Place your phone over your left hand.
Open Xray scanner app.
Tilt up phone to scroll up xray image.
Tilt down phone to scroll down.

Xray scanner is a prank app for fun.

Xray Scanner Prank APK reviews

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Alana Gilson review Alana Gilson
Very very stupid
I hate it I wish I could give it 0 Stars
Priya Vinoth review Priya Vinoth
Worst, Waste of time APP
Too many ads.. Funny is I didn't show my hand near camera lens, but I don't know how hand bones came in x-ray? Ha ha ha ha wat an funny. Just wasted my time. Pls don't install unless or otherwise if u r very bored to time pass.
Faith Teubner review Faith Teubner
You can tell it's not real and it's the worst game in the world
Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid
Rachel Benzo review Rachel Benzo
Waste of time
I downloaded t yesterday night. This morning I used it and it was just A WASTE OF TIME!!!!! AND ITS SOOOO FAKE
Hannah Williams review Hannah Williams
It's OK
I like it but it just not that cool I will make this five stars next time if u make it more realistic
Scotty V review Scotty V
Boring and stupid
You don't do anything it just shows a part of your body with a line scanning it I don't recommend buying it is stupid no one deserves to waste space on their device for something this stupid WARNING:THIS GAME IS VERY STUPID AND IS OF NO USE TO YOU should be on the front of the name
Mea Thompson review Mea Thompson
Im not going to spend all my time doing some fake x rays when u put in head i didnt show mynhead so thats how i know it is fake and rubbish
Ghadir Dirany review Ghadir Dirany
Warning do not install this app because its not ral and they are laying of you iam giving you an advise
Zoe Schriver review Zoe Schriver
The first day I tried it, it didn't work. I couldn't believe it. It just showed a pic of a hand bone. Don't get it!
Hannah W review Hannah W
Worst game ever
I pressed scan "left hand" my phone wasnt even on my hand and it showed my hand it's just a picture of your bones
Familiy Williamson review Familiy Williamson
Stupid ads are getting in the way.
I am not exaggerating when i say that an ad shows whenever i click "scan". And these ads are different: you cant press the back arrow to go away from it no matter how many times i press it. And this seems like a really cool app and i want to try it. So please fix it.
Nan Nan review Nan Nan
Its a good idea but its awful because of the whole time your trying to scan its loading and pausing the screen for ads and stupid stuff. By the time you get the thing to stop loading like 15 minutes later the person your playing the prank on already figures out its fake. So its not worth the trouble to even download. CREATOR PLEASE TAKE AWAY THE CONSTANT LOADING AND ADVERTISING TO MAKE THIS GAME GOOD....
Habiba Amr review Habiba Amr
So freaking bad
It's not showing our x-ray. Pls do not install it .will be deleting
bigteeth Yt review bigteeth Yt
Rubish and stupied
It dosent work it donsent move and you cant prank enyone because it lookes fake this is stupied and bad i hate it. YOU SHOULD MAKE A NEW ONE WHAT WORKS.ill be happy if the do
Taylor Parsons review Taylor Parsons
Reasons it's terrible
1. It looks fake 2. Too many adds 3. Doesn't work well 4. "Loads slowly and the only positive think about this is it downloads fast but I say you shouldn't download this and to the game makers sorry but you can do better."