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Connecting Travelers, Artists, Photographers, Players and Gamers

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Are you looking for a Buddy in your City with whom you can Travel, Play, go for a Movie, Dinner, Outing, Event/Concert etc.,
Or do you want to Collaborate with Professionals, Artists, Singers, Musicians, Actors, Vloggers in your City?
Or are you new to the City and want to Chat and Meet localities?
Or you want to just get connected to like minded people?
Then Xeeders City Club is the right place for you to meet like minded buddies.

How to find a buddy in 3 steps?
• STEP 1: Login to Xeeders app and join your City Club
• STEP 2: Update your profile with your location and interests. NOTE: providing accurate information will help Xeeders AI algorithm in connecting you to right people.
• STEP 3: Post a text stating with whom you want to get connected in which city and for what in Xeeders app eg.,
o Looking for Travel Buddy for a Road Trip/Trekking/Weekend Getaway
o Looking for a Buddy to Play Badminton this Weekend
o Looking for a Buddy to Watch Movie on Friday
o Looking for a Walking/Jogging Buddy
o Looking for a Workout Buddy
o Looking for an Artist/Singer/Musician/Actor to make a short movie etc.,

• That's it Xeeders AI algorithm will connect you to right people based on your interests and request with whom you can instantly chat and plan to meet if you are comfortable.

DO NOT share your mobile number or contact details publicly in the group. You can share your contact details in private chat once connected ONLY if you are comfortable and want to go ahead to meet up and collaborate.

DO NOT send ANY money to ANYONE. If anyone asks you to send money to any address, please report these users immediately by writing to [email protected]

Our members and moderators are committed to build a friendly community. Anybody found disrespecting others or spreading negativity, hate speech or spamming will be blocked without any warning.

This group is meant for building network based on mutual interests irrespective of gender and orientation, it is not meant for dating. Any misconduct will not be entertained.
If you are in need of assistance, you can reach out to our Support team exclusively by dropping an email to [email protected]


All contractual terms are offered by event organizers or publishers and agreed between members and organizers directly. xeeders.com or Xeeders club does not have any control on agreement or commercial terms between the members and organizers. Collaborating or Meeting real people during events may sometimes lead to unexpected situations which cannot be controlled. Xeeders.com or Xeeders club or its owners are not responsible for it. Though we make an effort to verify users, You should make your best judgement when interacting or meeting with members in the club.

By joining Xeeders Club, you are agreeing to all terms and conditions, privacy policies mentioned in terms and policy section of xeeders.com. Members agree that the contract for sale of any products or services shall be a strictly bipartite contract between the members.
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