What would you do if ? APK

What would you do if ?
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What would you do if ? 1.2.3 apk, update on 2020-08-10
What would you do in those situations ?

Answer tons of funny or harsh dilemmas, from what would you do if you woke up as Gandalf to what would you do if you have the possibility to kill a dictator ?

All the dilemmas are ordered in multiples categories, Fun, WTF ?, NSFW, choose your preferred one !

A unique challenge mode, where you must estimate the most popular decision of a maximum of dilemma in a limited amount of time, you can even share you score (Wow much fun, such wow)

On top of that, you can submit your own dilemmas and share your successful creations with your friend !

So, what will you do ?

What would you do if ? APK reviews

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Zornitsa Sinigerska review Zornitsa Sinigerska
So, the grammar in this game is so poor my friend and I actually find it funny. I understand that Argurth Games are probably a foreign game company, but guys, please check your grammar on Google before launching your game! Other than that, the game is not too shabby.
Byron Bull review Byron Bull
I don't know which is worse; the stupid questions or the hack translation to English. Honestly, reading the translations is more entertaining than answering the questions. ...uninstalling.
Kirsten Pickering review Kirsten Pickering
Choices incorrectly spelled and often completely itrelevant. Very boring.
A Google user review A Google user
The application itself is good but the atrocious English ruins it all. Also, getting notifications to check for new dilemmas to only find out that "I've answered all the current dilemmas" is annoying. I'm at the point of uninstalling if this doesn't stop (I do believe the notifications aren't going to cease).
A Google user review A Google user
Great way to pass time, best game ever, keeps me and my friends occupied when we have nothing to do, and it's great when you are watching a show for the hundredth time and like it but don't need to pay any attention to it.to understand the story, yep this is the game for any one!!!
Rana S. AlGhamdi review Rana S. AlGhamdi
The game is alright but the grammar is just painful.
Julia Moehle review Julia Moehle
The only problem is the spelling? other than that I like it?
Johanne Leblanc review Johanne Leblanc
Interesting but should have more dilemmas. Very fun, though, w/ friends
Dominick Kennedy review Dominick Kennedy
Too hard to submit your own, but otherwise really hard dilemmas!
Ryeon Regis review Ryeon Regis
I think that this app is a time killer you can just use this when you are feeling bord but anyway it's a great application and keep up the good work
Michal Ricketts review Michal Ricketts
This game has me dying In laughter
Famous Passion review Famous Passion
Out of all the other games this is the best one I love it.i get to make up my own questions and the question are grate
Derika Wolff review Derika Wolff
Funny but can can have stupid choises
Ahmad Qazi review Ahmad Qazi
Futile questions. Not even challenging.
Ali Sulaiman review Ali Sulaiman
Game had alot of grammatical errors