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What if.. 2.5.0 apk, update on 2019-11-16
What if.. is a question game where you say "Yes" or "No" to casual, personal, challenging and crazy questions and immediately see how other players answered! Perfect for parties as well as for just passing time. You have nothing to lose, try it out!

What if… you could extend your lifespan with 20 healthy years.
But… you step on a piece of lego every day when you least expect it.

The world says: 46% Yes, 54% No
What do you say?

 • With 100,000+ questions and new every day the fun never ends!
 • Share questions with your friends and see what they answer!
 • Create your own questions and see its statistics!
 • 150000+ positive reviews

Aaand another one:

What if.. monsters were real.
But.. all other animals went extinct.

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What if.. APK reviews

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Random, silly and unpredictable
This is very addictive. I never know what to expect next. It makes me laugh and think at the same time. I could take turns with my friends answering these and have a great time while doing it.
Brent Michael review Brent Michael
Great game
It asks some really weird questions and i like it
FaZe Badger review FaZe Badger
Omg XD
Yo..... This is one of the funniest apps I had yet... Everyone needs to install this app right now. Random stuff just pops up... Makes me laugh so hard... Lol
Mt Red review Mt Red
I did this because I got tricked
But this app I a hell of a time killer and even funnier when you play it with co-workers and friends
Dayana Vacirca review Dayana Vacirca
I just can't stop. It's super fun!
Janick Staub review Janick Staub
Very Good App! Its very funny to play alone or with friends. The Graphics are equally satisfying to watch and there are so few ads. Its absolutely amazing. At first i thought it is like "Will you press the button" but somehow its funnier. I don't know why though. You might add in a little extra spice by adding a comment section or/and group the questions even more than it already is!
Nour Rihani review Nour Rihani
Came here from one that says: "What if you make 3 kind app developers very happy, But you have to give their app a high rating". As you could've guessed I answered with "yes". I honestly don't regret that answer because this app is so good. Hope i did make you happy. You deserve it! :)
A Google user review A Google user
Oh wow the question that says what if you could make 3 kind app developers very happy but you had to give them a high rating. That is all time my favorite and very creative. This game is very addicting. And i play it when I'm bored. Colin for the family or even when your home alone. I love this app so much please download it!
-Wolffie - review -Wolffie -
Oh my god it tricked me into rating it?It gave me casual questions then "You could make three app developers very happy" "But you have to give the app a high rating" and I clicked yes because it's a nice thing to do and im now here writing my review. It's an app that will not fail to make you think, laugh, and gasp. Recommend it for your free time.
JessHunter 13 review JessHunter 13
Awesome game, I honestly think any bypasses see this they will definitely install it. The only thing I don't agree with is that you have to pay coins to unlock different categories and I don't like it cause that means that you have to keep on answering thousands of questions just to get coins. But besides that. Well done to all the creators!!!
Justin Playz132 review Justin Playz132
Great app, absolutely love it. Try it, I definitely recommend it ;D I usually give bad ratings but this was so good I had to give 5 stars. I have been playing about 30 min and I haven't seen 1 ad. Yes I am connected to the internet. Brilliant app, great job to the developers. Keep making games. Love it.
AwkwardScenes & Co review AwkwardScenes & Co
It says "What if- you could make the app developers happy, But...- You need to give the app a high rating." So I'm here because... I LOVE THIS APP! Although it needs some more "adventurous" questions but eh. Can't change the good stuff
bluedog6 lim review bluedog6 lim
Fine game overall, but please don't waste your time on the hot section. I thought it would be filled with the more interesting questions, but it is just people asking for likes! Quite annoying. It's too bad because this was actually a fun game.
brokn_na review brokn_na
So funny!! I LOVE THIS GAME! I even told my friends to play it. We're giving each other questions from this game. It's hilarious and really perfect at the same time. When there'll be no limit of giving points for a game I would give One billon!
PossessedAlpha review PossessedAlpha
Haha! I loved it! I play this with my friends sometimes. Take my word for it, we love this app! I must say, I love the part where it says "Would you make 3 app developers very happy... But... You have to give them a high rating" I was super confused why that was a question, because I thought it was an obvious question. So I clicked "Yes!" And started laughing really hard. Amazing, just amazing. Sincerly, Alpha.