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VideoShow Pro - Video Editor
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VideoShow Pro - Video Editor 6.8.1 pro apk, update on 2016-10-04
★★VideoShow - Video Editor: Featured by Google Play in 161 Countries ★★
One of the best video editor& movie maker apps with millions of users all over the world

★VideoShow PRO version has following extra features:
- No watermark!
- No ads!
- Support exporting 1080p video
- Support 4k video
- Plentiful exclusive& unique materials to use
- Up to 20 FX Effects in one video

VideoShow Pro brings excellent video editing experience to you. With minimum operations, an awesome video integrated with photos & videos will be shown.
One video, various expressions! Beautify your videos with plenty of Texts, FX Effects, Stickers, Multi Music, Filters, Transitions, Sound Effects and Live dubbing, anything you want!

Key Features
★ Zoom and rotate your video as you want!
★ The fastest video creator. Simple, without pre-transcoding.
★ Make video with photos! Mix video and photo together!
★ Fantastic Materials Store: Theme/Effects/Music/Textstyle/Sticker/Sound effects/Font, and it keeps updating for free all the time!
★ 50+ elaborate themes provided to generate a characteristic video instantly, such as Love, Birthday, Life, Friends, etc.
★ Square themes and mode are customized for Instagram users.
★ 150+ free online music, local music, even multi-music in one video are all supported. You can even record your own voice!
★ 30+ stunning filters to beautify your video in one-step, including Beauty, Sepia, Sketch, etc.
★ Various textstyles and fonts for subtitles are supplied.
★ Share your video to Youtube/Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/WhatsApp/Line , etc.

Toolbox features
- Ultra Cut: cut and merge amazing parts of your video together
- Fast Trim: trim your video in no time
- Compress Video: reduce your video size
- Video to MP3: turn the soundtrack of your video into MP3 file

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VideoShow Pro - Video Editor APK reviews

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Easy to use
This is really easy to use but can you make the exporting faster
Marco Villarreal review Marco Villarreal
Everything you need to make your videos.
Jessica Tran review Jessica Tran
Thank you
I had to download 3 video apps to find this one. I almost lost hope. Thanks again =]
Cathy05SG review Cathy05SG
Sucks after update! Resolve this we paid for it!!!
I bought the Pro version (pink color). Then lately i kept on having exporting problems- rendering up to 85 to 90% then stops. Then i tried to update to orange color, still the same and the 1080p format is also gone!
LeanBodyTillDeath review LeanBodyTillDeath
Love it!
Its great for editing but im having issues when it comes to exporting. It gets to about 85 percent then it crashes. Please fix this to retain 5 star rating. I have a galaxy s6
Hamish Stewart review Hamish Stewart
Horrible audio lag
I have a gopro and made tons of awesome vids on free version so have bought the pro. I hope it all works and saves as 1080p beutifully but am in the process of making my first vid on pro version..hope it works just as well as the free one..ok so done first vid on pro version..serious audio lag..sound doesnt match up with the clip and that just clips are skateboarding so can just fill it with music but would be good to have the sound too..disappointing!!
Jodi Mills review Jodi Mills
Can't even load my video! I try to start a project, I find my video clip in my files, it says it's uploading, then when the upload bar gets to 100% it disappears and there is still no clip to select! I've tried it over and over with no success getting a clip to use to even start a project. I'm bummed out. What a waste.
Canaan's Photography review Canaan's Photography
I really like this app, however even this paid variation of the app is still somewhat lacking. It needs more effects, they are quite basic and limited in use. You can only max use 20 on a slideshow, however it would be much better if you could add more for a longer slideshow. So far it's pretty good, but again needs to be tweaked slightly to make it more effective. They are quite limited in use. Beyond that however, good job.
Judel Buls review Judel Buls
I've used this app for two years and love it for editing kids homework projects, family and sports clips, etc. But, in late December, it stopped snowing me to export my videos. I tried to contact the developer, but haven't heard back. I own the pro version and I'm starting to feel disappointed that I might have to find something new. When it works, this app is great. I wish it would fade music, especially in multi tracks... Or if it does, then make it more intuitive to learn. But mostly, I just want to export again.
Lovesun TV review Lovesun TV
I buy pro! I'm glad! And one more thing: add please support 60fps render. Thanks developer's for this amazing app. Hugs. OMG! After 1 day buyed pro version, can't save video! Fix this! One more think: add please trim 1 second, it's very important for making good transition! Tnx alote
Delia Ho review Delia Ho
Love this app. I make all my YouTube videos with it. Compared to other apps I've used, this one is by far the best. It would get 5 starts with a couple tweeks. 1) allow the option of entering values or using the slider, and 2) include the ability to change video speed and/or zoom mid-video.
Gina Romo review Gina Romo
I JUST used this app for the first time to speed up a 4 min video into an 11 sec time lapse. It let me change the ratio, record a comment as audio for the video, add a photo at the end and exported super fast in HD with no watermark. Very VERY HAPPY, good job to the developers! And you reading this, buy it already, worth every penny ;)
Barking News review Barking News
Nice video editing app, it could be an excellent and easily the best!, but unfortunately does not have a very important "split" tool, yes option to split the video. Dear developer Split is a very very different than Trim. Please make it SPLIT. Thank you. Ignoring? Down to 1 star. SPLIT THE VIDEO !!!! How hard it could be?
Tushar Kurva review Tushar Kurva
Good app, but one problem is that when using theme can't remove " My Video" & "Thanks for Watching" subtitles at start & end respectively. So only 3 stars. Can't remove that even in paid version. Come on what is the use of the theme then? Hope developers correct this or at least reply and provide some solution Then might give 5 stars.
Jake Cummings review Jake Cummings
Took me a while to really appreciate this app for everything it has to offer. Also I needed a phone capable of handling the amount of video I was attempting to edit. I would really appreciate if the trim clip screen included the option slap display audio waves, because I often make cuts based on when dialog begins and ends. Second thing, I have a Samsung Galaxy S5, and when I go into settings on the app, the option to choose video output location only shows an option for internal storage. I would really benefit from being able to output to the SD card. Those changes would make this app nearly perfect for me. Thanks!