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All-in-one app for virtual, hybrid, and in-person events.

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The vFairs Mobile App
All-in-one app for virtual, hybrid, and in-person events.

Simplified Self-Check-In
Digital self-check-in allows for seamless verification of attendee records both online and on-site.

Connect With Like-Minded Professionals
Strengthen attendee networking with chat, video/audio calls, matchmaking, and more! Regardless of being at the venue or at home.

Seamless Contact Exchange
No need for attendees to carry documents. Exchange business cards, and submit resumes with QR code scan.

Explore Booths and Exhibitors
Attendees joining live and virtually experience hassle-free booth visits, interaction, and access to booth resources with a simple QR scan.

Watch Webinars On-the-go
Your attendees get access to live webinars, have access to on-demand replay, and also make a personalized schedule. Whether they join in person or virtually!

Go Green With Digital Resources
Cut down on printed collateral by going digital. Virtual & in-person attendees can access all their resources on the mobile app, including videos, images, presentations, brochures & more.

Event Insights
Understand in-person registration trends and get detailed breakdowns on virtual attendee activity (logins, chat, webinar, downloads, etc.) to measure how well you did.

Product Display and Purchase
Make the best of your virtual or hybrid trade show with product catalogs, filter search to find the best products, and hassle-free checkout for attendees. Whether they join in person or from home.

Real-Time Updates
Stay abreast of what is happening at the event with the What’s Happening Centre, and live updates. Keep track of activities from the venue or online!

Active Engagement and Participation
Your attendees get the best of the live event experience with engaging activities with Live polls, surveys, trivia photo booth, scavenger hunt, and leaderboard.
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