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The 122nd U.S. Open GC at The Country Club, Brookline, MA, June 16-19, 2022

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2022 US Open Golf Championship description

The USGA is pleased to present the official app for the 122nd U.S. Open Golf Championship at The Country Club, in Brookline, Massachusetts, June 16-19, 2022.

Key Features

Three channels of LIVE streaming from The Country Club for all four days of the championship, including featured groups coverage of some of the game’s top players.

Follow the U.S. Open in Real Time
Live scoring with unlimited player favoriting, shot-by-shot data and statistics. Was a shot aired on the television broadcast or the live stream? Then you will find it right within that player’s scorecard!

On-Site Map
Find your favorite players anywhere on the course, see which players are upcoming on any hole, and find nearby grandstands, concessions, and other amenities throughout The Country Club. The on-site map includes on-site navigation, powered by Cisco. This will provide fans with step-by-step directions to easily navigate their way around the venue and enhance their championship experience!

Probability Tracker
Track your favorite players’ chances of winning, finishing in the top 10, and making the cut in real time, from before the championship begins to the final putt! And NEW for 2022, see which players have made the biggest probability jumps during each round!

The Course
Get a detailed look at what the world’s best players will face at The Country Club with insights and video flyovers of all 18 holes, and real-time course stats throughout the championship.

The Latest
Continuous updates, news, photos and videos from the U.S. Open, leading up to and throughout the championship.

Get alerts sent to your smartphone about your favorite players, highlights, live streaming, and much more. For on-site spectators, you will be able to receive notifications about exclusive events and merchandise offers.

Contact Us
Send us your thoughts about the 2022 U.S. Open app. We welcome your feedback.
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