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Your personal AI math tutor, help you solve your math problems

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324 ratings

TutorEva description

Have you ever imagined having your own AI math tutor?
She lives on your phone,
ready to help, anytime, anywhere.

She solves all your math problems,
provides precise answers and step-by-step solutions.

She can even show you HOW to solve these problems,
in a vivid and interactive way,
like a real teacher.

Try asking 'WHY' whenever confused,
she will respond,
and patiently explain in further detail.

She will greet you with delight,
accompany you like a friend,
make your math trip fun and efficient.

This is what we are offering you.
We call her Eva,
Educational Virtual Tutor.

Download TutorEva,
and get your personal AI tutor now!

- Solving almost all math problems
- Step-by-step solutions and problem-solving methods
- Learning through 1v1 interaction with AI tutor
- Communicative and fast responses
- Exquisive and fashionable AI avatar
- More than a math solver

- Basic Algebra: arithmetic operation, numerical factorization, algebraic operation , factorization, solve for equation(sets), solve for inequality(sets)
- Elementary function: analyzing elementary functions, graphing elementary functions , Function Operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division ) & Compositions
- Basic geometry: geometrical proof. Geometrical operation
- Analytic geometry: Circle, Conic section
- Math modeling: list algebraic expression(s) for word-problems, list equations or inequalities for word-problems, function applications, geometric applications, function applications
- Elementary statistics and probability: trigonometry , simple matrixes and vectors, simple series and sequences.
- Even hard word problems!

Artificial Intelligence tutor Eva is your personal tutor. For your math problems, even including obscure word problems, it cracks each problem in various ways, provides step-by-step solutions and presents targeted explanation, giving you the help exactly what you need.
With the company of EVA, doing math homework is no longer lonely and painful.

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