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Heavy machines. Baby wooden blocks - best matching games for toddlers.

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322 ratings

Truck Puzzles for Toddlers description

Beep, beep, beep! Welcome to the puzzle game full of vehicles delight! Let your child explore the fascinating world of cars and trucks in a really fun and educational way! Wow! So many jigsaw puzzle trucks!

Does your toddler enjoy playing with big toy vehicles? Then you found the very right puzzle game for your little one! Here you’ll find tons of vehicles of all kinds and sizes! Full version of the game includes 5 fun-filled themes with 60 vehicles:

Heavy machinery games. This is for those who can't get enough of big vehicles like trailer trucks, dump trucks, mixers, little crane games, oil tanker truck games.

Construction vehicles. Every little boy will surely enjoy the puzzle set with road rollers, cranes, cement mixers, tractor and various dump trucks.

Diggers. Discover various excavators, dump trucks and loaders used on a construction site.

Special purpose vehicles. Carefully selected for little ones who like to play policemen or firefighters. Enjoy police cars, fire truck, ambulance car, mail lorry, ice-cream truck, garbage truck, SWAT vehicle, taxi and city bus.

Cars. This theme will appreciate little ones who are crazy about bigfoot monster trucks, sports cars, racing cars, bike and scooters.

How to play kids puzzle vehicles: touch the screen and drag the car to the correct place matching the vehicle and its shape. When puzzles for preschoolers are completed enjoy the happy cheering and then tap the arrow to assemble the next one.

Features of the heavy construction equipment games:
- Five colorful themes with 60 different vehicles in wood puzzle games;
- When a puzzle is completed children are rewarded with colorful balloon popping;
- The car games for toddler boy is highly interactive. Every vehicle is filled with sweet animations and sounds;
- Pleasant background music and sound effects;
- Jigsaw puzzles free games kids for 3 year old are randomly generated so every time your little one will play a different easy jigsaw puzzle;
- Easy navigation between puzzles specially designed for toddlers and preschool children 1 - 4 years old;
- Interactive app encourages child’s development of attention, logic thinking, memory, cognitive skills, fine motor skills, etc.;
- And a pleasant bonus for parents - you don’t have to worry about losing any of the puzzle pieces!

Download the Wooden Puzzles for Kids and forget about boredom!
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