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Transformers: RobotsInDisguise 1.9.0 apk, update on 2017-02-15
The Insecticons are everywhere and we need your help to defeat them! Take control of your favourite Transformers, collect energon, and unlock power modules to gear up and defeat the Insecticons.

▶TAG TEAM GAMEPLAY:Bumblebee can’t take them all on by himself. Select a teammate to take into battle with you. When Bee gets tired his parner can take over and finish what he started.
Discover lots and lots of new Autobots and Decepticons characters to unlock along the way from
▶CUSTOMIZE your character with new weapons and boosts by collecting Power Modules throughout the game.
▶TRANFORM into Vehicle Mode, rev your engines and smash into your enemies, knocking them out of action!

During 2015 you’ll be able to unlock your new Transformers “Robots in Disguise” Toys in the game by scanning the new Transformers “Shield” icon. (See game for more instructions). All unlocks are available through play, no purchase necessary to enjoy the game.

Other than for downloading and updating the game, Transformers Robots in Disguise game does not require an internet connection (3G or WiFi) and rest easy, it has NO in app purchases.

Hasbro, Transformers and all related logos and character names and trademarks are trademarks of Hasbro, Inc. © 2014 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.

Transformers: RobotsInDisguise APK reviews

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ak nazlie review ak nazlie
No instruction to scan combiner wars toys
A very very good game as we can scan RID toy logo for robots. But theres no real instruction on scanning combiner wars toys to get ticket as the logo on those toys are not like the RID. So how do we scan it? Is it the whole toy itself or just the logo on combiner war which both i tried n doesnt work.
Jessy Boucher review Jessy Boucher
Was awesome
Me and my son both played a lot and got lots of bots but somehow I lost all my bots they were purchased not just scanned
John Brown review John Brown
Will not work!!!!!
I downloaded this app for my son we have started to buy him the toys now so went and scanned prime played some then we went out for food came back booted up the app and now it's saying we have to buy the toy again to play that class or scan we can't scan it again as it is still going through intro menu button intro so we are locked out no way for Droid to do one and gain access to menus functions sad but true.
Eric Janis review Eric Janis
What Happened?
It WAS pretty cool. Good graphics, simple game play. It just did an "update" now I have audio with NO video! WTH
Justin Lee review Justin Lee
Loading for anything takes a long time. Trying to scan multiple toys takes a long time to do. I feel for those who have over 8 boxes with multiple figures inside. Some of the goals are unreasonable. A score of 7000? Bring the strongest bot and get 2380
Azam Khan review Azam Khan
Hate it because of two things, when I turn my tab off then back on the next day everything I had dissappear. I can't tolerate it and because transformers have to return to cybertron if not played with for 24 hours so hate it
Peter Theo Jolyn Jansen review Peter Theo Jolyn Jansen
Put tag team back. I also had to wait for a few days because it kept shutting down. Maybe have mini cons as a common blaster power up. And add the comic strip thing back in I saw it on YouTube.
Dave Moon review Dave Moon
We can't play anymore. When we first got the have, got to scan a character and play. Today, it loads the mission selection and tells us that we have selected a locked character, to scan the character to play but no buttons work, no selections work. The only thing we can select is the play button that tells us we selected a locked bla bla bla.... Now my son is upset that he doesn't get to play like he was promised.
dale hetrick review dale hetrick
*Update* with the newest update the game still sucks. Does not work on Droid Moro Z. Also...cocks! If it's not broken I guess you'll just fix it until it is. I liked this game until the newest update. Now all it does is crash. Also, cocks!
Chris Gibson review Chris Gibson
Keeps a 5 year old entertained and as it's my account I don't need to worry about him buying anything. It's a winner. Sometimes takes a while to load but it's also free and add free so I can't complain.
DJ Barbara review DJ Barbara
Scanning function does not work. It's all white and blurry, and the camera does not pick up on the symbol. Please fix it. Other than that, the game is really good.
Leo Smallwood review Leo Smallwood
Played for the last couple of months with no problems now its saying there a error with Google play resources. Fix so I dont loss anything transformers and ill give a higher rating
Xavier Padilla review Xavier Padilla
The only issue I have is that my son recently got a new scanable Transformer and it keeps saying "active code not found". Brand new toy, the box said it would work until at least the last day of December but no matter how many times I scanned it, nothing. I also sent an email to Hasbro and got no response, unfortunately. My son will keep playing but I hope this can be fixed somehow.
Arnab Roy review Arnab Roy
It's cool game and time consuming. But why every Autobots has same skill exclude change option.Wanna see Different moves.
Aden Tan review Aden Tan
If u want to make optimus power surge class invisible then make it such that the enemys cant see him