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Wallet app for storing, sending and receiving Toncoins.

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Tonkeeper - TON Wallet description

Tonkeeper is the easiest way to store, send, and receive Toncoin on The Open Network, which is a powerful new blockchain that offers unprecedented transaction speeds and throughput while offering a robust programming environment for smart contract applications.

# An easy-to-use non-custodial wallet

No registration or personal details are required to get started. Simply write down the secret recovery phrase that Tonkeeper generates and immediately start trading, sending, and receiving Toncoin.

# World-class speed and extremely low fees

TON is a network designed for speed and throughput. Fees are significantly lower than on other blockchains, and transactions are confirmed in a matter of seconds.

# Peer-to-peer subscriptions

Support your favorite authors with subscriptions paid in Toncoins.
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