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This is the companion app for the TIMEX FamilyConnect™ Kids and Seniors watches.

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TIMEX FamilyConnect™ description

Be There, Even When You’re Not . . . with the TIMEX FamilyConnect™ LTE-connected watch for Kids and Seniors.

-Two-Way Calling
Stay connected with voice calls to and from the watch with approved contacts set in the TIMEX FamilyConnect™ app.

-Real-Time Location Sharing
See your loved one’s location in real-time on a map in the app. Set safe zones in the app and get alerts when they enter or leave each zone.

-Voice & Instant Messaging
Communicate quickly with typed or preset instant messages or recorded voice messages.

-SOS Alerts
Hold down the SOS button on the watch to call the designated emergency contact and send an alert with location to the Primary account holder and all designated Guardians.

-Private Secure Network
No unwanted calls or messages. Your smartwatch can only communicate with approved contacts set in the TIMEX FamilyConnect™ app (optional setting for the Senior version).

-Expanded Senior Watch Features
For the TIMEX FamilyConnect SENIOR smartwatch, review heart rate, activity, sleep data and more to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
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