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Time correction
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Time correction 4.6 apk, update on 2018-10-19
It is an application that calculates the difference between local time (system display time) and hour (current time) such as watch and security camera system.

A deviation from the hour (current time) of the time (system display time) displayed on the system using a local time in a wristwatch, a security camera system (not correcting time by NTP or radio waves) Calculate the error) by simple operation.

I also think that it may be used simply to find the difference between the two times.

The operation method is very easy.

1. Note the system display time of the security camera and the current time confirmed it
2. Launch "time error calculation application"
3. Enter current time (hour) and system display time into application
4. Tap 'Calculate' button

Also, there is a function to calculate the internal time and the hour at the inside of the system from the error.