Tegrak Kernel APK

Tegrak Kernel
1.41 MB
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Tegrak Kernel 0.53 apk, update on 2016-01-11
GT-I9100, SHW-M250S, SHW-M250K, SHW-M250L

< Galaxy S> SHW-M110S, GalaxyS GT-I9000, GalaxyK SHW-M130K, GalaxyU SHW-M130L, GalaxyTab SHW-180S, GalaxyTab SHW-M180L lagfix application.

It only works on "Tegrak Kernel" and "Lulz Kernel"

TEGRAK Kernel build 13 start to support VOODOO Sound v2.

GT-I9000 users, visit here.

Supports lagfix ext4 on data, dbdata, system and cache.

Supports custom recovery.

Easy backup and restoring

Tegrak Kernel APK reviews

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Juan Paolo Perez review Juan Paolo Perez
Doesnt work
I do have both GT-i9100 and SHW-M250S tried to install this and it doesnt work.. Cannot connect to server error. So i assume that this app is no longer being supported by the devs or greedy enough to give out the free one and focus to the paid one.
Cannot connect Tegrak Server Error
I Have Samsung Note, and when I run the app, It says, ERROR: FAILED TO CONNECT TEGRAK SERVER Uninstalling. Would give negative stars if possible.
Sanchit Srivastava review Sanchit Srivastava
More info
Plz give more info about "how to use this app" .it took me a while to figure it out . Odin and stuff. btw great app
Faizan Ali review Faizan Ali
Fcking app
This stupid app blocked my 16gb internal memory in galaxy s shw m110s nw unable to undo lagfix
Kangster Eugene review Kangster Eugene
When i run the tegrak app... It said 'failed to connect to the tegrak service ....' i have a samsung galaxy s1, GT I9000T. Wat should i do to have access?
Shuvo Rana review Shuvo Rana
yea babi
never saw an app rooting a phn. darn my m250s got rooted