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Taxify CA.4.39 apk, update on 2018-08-10
Taxify is a ride-hailing app for ordering rides that are quick, safe and affordable. Just tap a button, order a car, and get a low-cost ride to your destination.

Taxify app is very easy to use. Here’s how it works:

1. Open the app and confirm your location.
2. Order a car to pick you up.
3. See your driver arrive in real-time.
4. Enjoy the ride to your destination.
5. Pay in-app or in cash (available in select countries)

Taxify app features:
- The app finds your pickup location even if you don't know your exact address.
- You can rate your driver to give feedback and help us improve the service quality.
- Add your credit card and never worry about carrying cash again. We'll email you the receipt after every trip.

Taxify is available in 25+ countries around the world:

Australia: Sydney, Melbourne
South Africa: Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth
Nigeria: Lagos, Abuja
Kenya: Nairobi, Mombasa
Uganda: Kampala
Ghana: Accra
Mexico: Mexico City, Monterrey, Durango
Estonia: Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu
Latvia: Riga
Lithuania: Vilnius, Kaunas
France: Paris, Lyon
Romania: Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca
Portugal: Lisbon
Poland: Warsaw, Krakow
Czech Republic: Prague
Slovakia: Bratislava
Serbia: Belgrade
Austria: Vienna
Hungary: Budapest
Ukraine: Kyiv
Georgia: Tbilisi
Azerbaijan: Baku
Malta: Valletta
Iraq: Baghdad
Saudi Arabia: Riyadh
Tanzania: Dar es Salaam

Earn extra money with your car. Sign up as a driver:

Have questions? Get in touch via [email protected] or
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Taxify's mission is to bring convenient and affordable transport to millions of people around the world, while helping thousands of drivers support their families. The next time you need a ride, take Taxify.

Taxify APK reviews

A Google user review A Google user
Your system allows the drivers to get away with taking the possessions we forget in their cars with no repercussions to them at all and all you have to offer for a person to recover their forgotten items is a link to call the driver back. You guys are inaccessible, and are really a knock off of UBER. I wouldn't recommend this rubbish services e to anybody
I have been greatly embarrassed, cheated and unsatisfied by your drivers. Yesterday alone two of your drivers cheated me and also embarrassed me in a public place. One victor carried me from lekki phase one to saka tinubu and switched off his phone and put it on to show me an outrageous price after it has hanged for like 30mins. The second carry me home and he was saying the price on it was not the right one. Pls if you can't fix your app and drivers kindly allow those who are good in it run the business..
Oleksii Ratushniuk review Oleksii Ratushniuk
Great. Second launch in Kyiv and it still sucks.. Tries to charge your card, decline, and thats all, you are unable to use your card ever again..!! Pending charge does not go through even if your card is ok..
obonyo fred review obonyo fred
So far it's a good experience and there is a big difference with other boda boda riders I think it's a good service and the riders do behave well I like it. Great work
Juuso Miettunen review Juuso Miettunen
Blocked my account with no explanation. They have no customer service, so no way of fixing the situation
Pedro review Pedro
Péssimo serviço ao utilizador. Além de a utilização, o suporte nem sequer resolve os problemas. Já lá vai uma semana e o problema persiste.
Walter de Rooij review Walter de Rooij
We used the app to order 2 taxis. Same pickup point, same destination. For 1 taxi we used a local number, for the other a foreign number. The same ride ordered with the foreign phone number cost more than twice as much as the ride that was ordered with the local number. Seems like they scam tourists.
Aishat Ahmed review Aishat Ahmed
I was debited twice without even seeing my driver you guys are just thieves
A Google user review A Google user
Cnt reqst for aride.... Ma app doesn't give me the option
Celine Dawson review Celine Dawson
Efficient to the max! Great service! SOME Friendly drivers..
Victor Mayobo review Victor Mayobo
Useless app this people are thieves
Leslie Fumo review Leslie Fumo
I love it though it sometimes get stuck
Alin Stefan review Alin Stefan
Fixati odata hartile ! Aplicatia recunoaste o mana de locatii din bucuresti, deja devine insuportabil.
Cindy F review Cindy F
Was charged for a trip I never took
Ndumiso Blessing review Ndumiso Blessing
This app load like ages while waiting for a ride
Naluswa Godfrey review Naluswa Godfrey
It's really nice. I have a wonderful experience with you guys
A Google user review A Google user
A very handy app in times of need.
Eugene SenanuEsq review Eugene SenanuEsq
Unnecessary update
wilson ngahu review wilson ngahu
Emin Mahmudov review Emin Mahmudov
Great app for riders
A Google user review A Google user
A Google user review A Google user
Not safe
Elnur Allahverdiyev review Elnur Allahverdiyev
Promo codes doesn't work. Sometimes withdraws cash from card before taxi comes and when taxi cancel the ride money is not returned.
Mutenga Denis review Mutenga Denis
Most Riders don't communicate
Hafeni Mthoko review Hafeni Mthoko
Annoying kinks tgat nerd to be sorted. It doesnt give us option to remove card details if one no longer wishes to use card or have their card details on app
Kamma Bobby review Kamma Bobby
Taxify.. y'all removed money from my account without no explanation. No customer care service or anything. I can't even trust my atm being linked with you guys. I fear for my money.
A Google user review A Google user
The app works well but I had more than once bad experiences with drivers. The first one was the drivers behavior and attitude during the trip made me uncomfortable, (the way of talking / complaining I was 6mins late without start with hello/asking me questions with bad temper.) On the way to the 1st destination his app rings, he decided to refuse taking me to my second destination because he had to take another client otherwise he will loose his bonus. He took out my suitcase at the 1st destination and left, told me to take another ride. Another trip, I was over charges because driver didn't terminate the trip once I got home. I received the got the bill 15mins later. I wrote the assistant on the app and it's been a week I haven't got any news or anyone reach me and help me out with the problem. I hope the client service and see this and care to reache me, understand what I've been through with your service. Thank you.
Santho Mohapeloa review Santho Mohapeloa
Promo codes are a lie. You will get charged full price. Drives are not that good. Its just a waste really.
marlouise le grange review marlouise le grange
Is there a way i can get the email to contact the people or head office of taxify?
Sthandwa Ngubeni review Sthandwa Ngubeni
Long routes and then you end up paying more money
Tosin Omotoyinbo review Tosin Omotoyinbo
'scan card for additional security' never works, can't add card.
A Google user review A Google user
It's so much appreciated and helpful.
S MNA review S MNA
After installing and using it 5 times it asks again for phone number and activation sms.
Isiyaku Haliru review Isiyaku Haliru
It's very good for strangers
william aligura review william aligura
Take time to arrive at the pick point
Tim Pontin review Tim Pontin
The experience of selecting addresses for pickup and destination could be better. When typing in a destination address, autocomplete doesn't take into account your previous searches, so even though I am usually going to the same two places,I still have to type the full address each time. Also there is no map preview of the address, so you have to just take it on faith that you picked the right option.
Vyacheslav Vladimirov review Vyacheslav Vladimirov
Roll back an update, ffs. From the last update I have to show destination address and otherwise I can't place an order. If I want to put order from any place except quick pickup locations I can't access to google maps. This is pure BS. Let us take rides again. It's not a Bus nor any other public trasport type app. Ain't it?
Japheth Iroanya review Japheth Iroanya
I think you guys are inefficient. I ordered a ride that got automatically cancelled 30 secs after i was assigned a driver. I tried again and the exact same thing happened. Tried again and it said I had pending payment. I tried with my friends card, and the same thing happened . Now you're telling me my account has been blocked?.... What's wrong cuz I'm not understanding again
A Google user review A Google user
This app is a waste of time. Most drivers don't know road and d ones that know try to make the trip longer so as to make more money. The app doesn't grant me access to report a driver. Most of their drivers are very disrespectful. This app definitely needs an update and until that is done I think am going to continue with Uber.
Adi D review Adi D
Really bad interface. It makes me feel that I need an instruction manual to operate this app. It's good that it provides cheaper service than Uber but honestly the interface has to be simplified and user friendly. I can't plan journeys, check prices for my upcoming journeys, etc.

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