Tablet AntiVirus FREE 2018 APK

Tablet AntiVirus FREE 2018
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Tablet AntiVirus FREE 2018 6.16.4 apk, update on 2019-02-13
Get AVG AntiVirus FREE 2018 for Android™ Tablets to help protect you from harmful viruses and keep your personal data safe.

Join over 100,000,000 people who already installed AVG’s antivirus apps and:
✔ Scan apps and games in real-time
✔ Enable locating your lost tablet via Google Maps™
✔ Kill tasks and processes that can slow down your tablet
✔ Optimize battery, storage and data package usage
✔ Lock sensitive apps
✔ Hide private photos in an encrypted Vault
✔ Scan WiFi networks for encryption issues, weak passwords and other threats

With AVG AntiVirus FREE 2018 for Android Tablets you get virus and malware protection, a phone locator, task killer, app lock, call blocker, WiFi Scanner / Analyzer / Inspector and picture vault to help guard you from privacy and online identity threats.

App Features:
✔ Scan apps and games for malicious content
✔ Scan websites for threats and get redirected to a “Safe Page” in case a threat is detected (Android's default browser and Chrome and OS older than 6.0)
✔ WiFi Scanner, Analyzer and Inspector for network encryption, password strength, Captive Portal (ones that make you 'sign-in' before you can use the WiFi) and ARP Poisoning (lets attackers re-direct you to a different URL)

✔ Monitor battery consumption to optimize and save power
✔ Kill tasks and processes to help boost speed
✔ Optimize storage space (internal and SD card)

Use AVG AntiVirus FREE 2018 for Android Tablets together with AVG’s remote management console or text messages (SMS) to:
✔ Locate your lost tablet via Google Maps
✔ Lock your tablet and set a lock screen message to help the locator find you
✔ Make your tablet shout (ring) even if it is on silent mode
✔ Wipe internal and SD card content
✔ Camera Trap [30-day trial]: discreetly emails you a photo of anyone who enters 3 wrong passwords when trying to unlock your tablet
✔ Device Lock [30-day trial]: automatically locks your phone whenever the SIM card is replaced (for SIM supported devices)

✔ Hide private photos in a password-protected Vault to prevent snooping
✔ App Lock [30-day trial]: lock sensitive apps or lock your tablet settings to secure its configuration
✔ Call and Message Blocker (for SIM supported devices): get protected against spammers, hackers and scammers. Get warned about suspicious text messages, filter and block unwanted calls and messages (SMS Blocker isn’t available for devices with Android v4.4 and newer)
✔ Delete call history, clipboard content and browsing history (Chrome)
✔ Wipe contacts, text messages, photos, browser history, calendar, format SD card and restore device to factory settings

AVG AntiVirus FREE 2018 for Android Tablets is available in 33 languages.

This app uses the Device Administrator permission. This permission allows you to remotely lock and wipe your device from

This app uses Accessibility permission to protect visually impaired and other users against phishing attacks and malicious websites.

By installing/updating this app, you agree that your use of it is governed by these terms:

Google®, Google Maps™ and Android™ are trademarks of Google, Inc., registered in the USA and in other countries

List Tablet AntiVirus FREE 2018 APK files with old version

+ Tablet AntiVirus FREE 2018 version 6.16.4 (Updated: 2019-02-13 07:53:37, size: 30,597,465)
+ Tablet AntiVirus FREE 2018 version 6.15.1 (Updated: 2018-12-13 23:09:33, size: 29,935,911)
+ Tablet AntiVirus FREE 2018 version 6.11.6 (Updated: 2018-08-31 04:44:09, size: 28,158,837)
+ Tablet AntiVirus FREE 2018 version 6.10.9 (Updated: 2018-05-23 17:44:42, size: 25,472,219)
+ Tablet AntiVirus FREE 2018 version 6.7.1 (Updated: 2017-10-26 16:15:25, size: 23,919,079)
+ Tablet AntiVirus FREE 2018 version 6.6.2 (Updated: 2017-10-13 12:21:47, size: 22,580,879)
+ Tablet AntiVirus FREE 2018 version (Updated: 2017-03-10 11:29:43, size: 18,947,539)
+ Tablet AntiVirus FREE 2018 version (Updated: 2017-01-27 12:27:23, size: 18,974,841)
+ Tablet AntiVirus FREE 2018 version (Updated: 2017-01-09 12:29:51, size: 18,206,231)
+ Tablet AntiVirus FREE 2018 version (Updated: 2016-12-23 12:30:45, size: 18,461,839)
+ Tablet AntiVirus FREE 2018 version 5.9.1 (Updated: 2016-12-20 00:40:53, size: 17,973,064)
+ Tablet AntiVirus FREE 2018 version (Updated: 2016-10-28 11:32:41, size: 17,481,648)
+ Tablet AntiVirus FREE 2018 version 5.9 (Updated: 2016-10-19 00:12:03, size: 17,495,824)
+ Tablet AntiVirus FREE 2018 version (Updated: 2016-09-24 11:31:54, size: 16,772,885)
+ Tablet AntiVirus FREE 2018 version 5.8 (Updated: 2016-09-15 10:28:23, size: 16,769,880)
+ Tablet AntiVirus FREE 2018 version 5.7 (Updated: 2016-08-29 18:57:38, size: 16,658,591)
+ Tablet AntiVirus FREE 2018 version (Updated: 2016-08-18 23:58:01, size: 16,482,744)
+ Tablet AntiVirus FREE 2018 version 5.6 (Updated: 2016-08-11 00:38:50, size: 16,481,227)
+ Tablet AntiVirus FREE 2018 version 5.5 (Updated: 2016-07-14 05:23:14, size: 15,902,827)
+ Tablet AntiVirus FREE 2018 version (Updated: 2016-06-29 05:38:53, size: 15,445,632)
+ Tablet AntiVirus FREE 2018 version 5.4.1 (Updated: 2016-06-24 03:11:46, size: 15,446,878)
+ Tablet AntiVirus FREE 2018 version 5.4 (Updated: 2016-06-05 11:45:13, size: 14,958,912)
+ Tablet AntiVirus FREE 2018 version (Updated: 2016-05-05 08:17:32, size: 14,521,625)
+ Tablet AntiVirus FREE 2018 version (Updated: 2016-04-26 02:54:56, size: 14,510,810)
+ Tablet AntiVirus FREE 2018 version (Updated: 2016-03-31 03:29:47, size: 13,892,029)
+ Tablet AntiVirus FREE 2018 version 5.2 (Updated: 2016-03-26 03:59:53, size: 14,333,076)
+ Tablet AntiVirus FREE 2018 version (Updated: 2016-03-07 08:52:57, size: 16,114,993)
+ Tablet AntiVirus FREE 2018 version 5.1.2 (Updated: 2016-02-29 02:43:45, size: 16,139,875)
+ Tablet AntiVirus FREE 2018 version 5.1.1 (Updated: 2016-01-09 11:49:11, size: 16,166,379)
+ Tablet AntiVirus FREE 2018 version 5.0 (Updated: 2016-01-09 11:49:08, size: 14,374,409)
+ Tablet AntiVirus FREE 2018 version 4.4.2 (Updated: 2016-01-09 11:49:04, size: 15,919,989)
+ Tablet AntiVirus FREE 2018 version (Updated: 2016-01-09 11:49:00, size: 15,915,069)
+ Tablet AntiVirus FREE 2018 version 4.4 (Updated: 2016-01-09 11:48:57, size: 14,872,914)

Tablet AntiVirus FREE 2018 APK reviews

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Stewart Hunter review Stewart Hunter
First class AND it's free!
I've used AVG Free for over 10 years, on PC, laptop, and all my devices. It has caught anything that tried to slip through. I have never had any problem with it and it gives excellent protection. The interface is easy to use. I would highly recommend this app.
patrick Niyigena review patrick Niyigena
So far so good
David Bowl review David Bowl
Best antivirus software
Believe me. I go to millions of sites that are completely full of viruses because I use u torrent so much lmao. This is the only antivirus that hasn't let me down. Although I have been slightly more cautious and have retained a great deal of knowledge about computers etc after the last load of antivirus softwares I use
Simon Bateman review Simon Bateman
Mr Grumpier
Latest release Stopped Working! Uninstall immediately
John Mykytuik review John Mykytuik
I believe it works
It has warned me a couple of times that I should clear my history urls because of risks associated with one of them. I just followed the instructions and I have had no issues with my tablet while this app is running in the background.
Paul Mogus review Paul Mogus
Paid version continuously crashing!!
Had to uninstall due to crashing my tablet constantly! Please fix this I have a Samsung tablet GT-N8000
Kevin Johnston review Kevin Johnston
No truth in advertising
Although this app does what it says it will, the pop up that brought me to it stated that I had viruses that had damaged 28.1% of my device. After down loading the app and running the antivirus scan it said my device was clean of any viruses. It's a good app, you don't have to lie to get people to use it.
Phil Scas review Phil Scas
Tablet antiviral FREE 2016
Thanks it's saved my tablet a couple of times already , only installed it about six months, thanks again Team
Doesn't work right now
Used to work perfectly, but for the last 4 weeks, everytime I try to open this app a message appears saying unfortunately antivirus has stopped working. I daren't use my tablet now as so many apps no longer work. Sort this out please so I can use my device and I'll give a better rating.
Timothy Rogers review Timothy Rogers
stopped after up date going to uninstall it
jim lennard review jim lennard
Best yet
Others I know use varying scanners and mostly all have had problems. I have used AVG for a number of years (unpaid version) and have not had a problem, best & easiest to use I have seen yet. Thankyou.
Zion Moreau review Zion Moreau
The Best Of The Best
All the other cleaners especially DU speed booster are fake DU gave me a virus and when scanning for a virus it said no virus. But this, AVG, worked and cleaned the virus. Don't download DU speed booster
Gideon Gamer review Gideon Gamer
I really do wan't to know,how much effort you did in this Antivirus,it works great,me and my father use this,since he got a new phone,but can i ask you the developers of this Antivirus? Well i really get annoyed all of those adds that's showing on my screen,it's really annoying,can you tell me how to get rid of those adds,i will probably appreciate it! Anyway...i really want to thank you for this app and its okay for me that its showing some adds because this is a free version,so dont worry about helping me with the adds its okay i understand i'm looking forward to see more of some of the updates:D
Bill Wilson review Bill Wilson
Does what it says though app protection does not always work
Dragon Knight review Dragon Knight
respected developers, why should antivirus applications be paid? I am a poor person not rich. I do not have much money to pay using this app. Dear developer, I hope you have the problem I am facing. Please do not like this developer. I am a poor person not a lot of money.