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Swordfish.io 1.0.7 apk, update on 2018-03-19
Get your high punctuation and reaches # 1 in the standings eliminating other players pricking with your peak.
Narwhal enjoy this adventure!

* No lag.
* Joystick control.
* Amazing mechanics.
* Best game .io.
* Extremely addictive.
* Translated into 6 languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian, French and Russian.

Swordfish.io APK reviews

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Kyron White review Kyron White
It's a good game but make it easier so you can spawn keep up the good work
Allan Salvador review Allan Salvador
Don't like copiers
It just copied narwhale.io on pc but worst graphics. And this creator had some games like; limaz.io,sla... blah long enough to say that because its long. Very loooong. VEEEEEERRRRYYYYY LOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNGGGGGGG TOOOOO TYYYYPPPEEE IIITTTT SSOOORRRYYY.
Ralphie Chuscitti review Ralphie Chuscitti
This very much reminds me of those things that little kids use to play with. Remember the little worm things that had the line on their snout? It is basically those things but these ones have sharp snouts and move better. Totally recommend it.
Vicki Bristow review Vicki Bristow
It is a very nice game and it is very good condition and the other side of things to do so. I 25df h cgfhcdyv, but I am 40 the boys and girls, but I think that was the first time in the UK. I think they are not the intended recipient, you can also be used to be a good idea to advertise the boys are not the intended recipient, you can also be used to be a =6%%_/=%^_€€€€€9£^&&@@@@@?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
victor miller review victor miller
So boring I thought it was going to be fun. but all you do is kill people and become top on lead borde there's barley any dots map is to small and I don't even thinks it's online... any way they could have done much better!
Andy Chau review Andy Chau
Map too small and no way to defend. Nice try, but try harder next time. Do you guys even test the game out before you throw this out?
Jackson Frith review Jackson Frith
It goes to fast but if u want it u can get it
just a little firework review just a little firework
Its a bit fast and stupid I wouldn't recommend installing this its rubbish I don't like it but its up to u this is my opinion
Explorers GT review Explorers GT
Dear (Owner Of This Game) I got some idea update... Put Monsters? game Mode? And... Maybe skins that we need to buy use in game coins; D
Beanerbomb81 thouzen review Beanerbomb81 thouzen
Lazau Fougere review Lazau Fougere
It is WAY too slow when Speed up , it is slow. There are way too many ads
Sorry but yeah
Too many people and its too hard . u get killed straight away
chris at vlogs review chris at vlogs
This is STUPiD bro how dumb do you have to be to play this this game is retarded
Dessheren Fong Yanran review Dessheren Fong Yanran
U have too much ads in ur ass creator.of the noob io game
May Smith review May Smith
It is a great io game but not my favourite, that title still goes to slitherio . I it is pretty addicting though.