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Try this, if you like thrilling brain teaser games.Adrenaline pumping guaranteed

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56 ratings

Swipe description

Try this game if you like thrilling brain teaser games.
This new kind of brain teaser game will give you an inquisitive mind.
A fun,adrenaline pumping, dynamic,simple, challenging game with only swipe mechanism. If you love games with tons of real fun, adrenaline rush, then this game; swipe is for you.An awesome arcade.Do you think it's hard.no it's not.Relax! rules are simple.
Game is to swipe the rotating cards called player cards to same it's non rotating match cards. If you don't find a match throw the card out.That's it.You need to complete level with in time.
This game consist of 4 stages with total of 16 options.Basic level i.e stage 1 has options for card numbers 2 to 5. You need to complete a certain level for each cards in stage 1 to get pass
for stage 2 and like wise for stage 3,4,5 or else you can unlock those stages with required no.of coins.
The game is designed as an endless hyper casual visual brain teaser game.So what are you waiting for? Download now and start testing your limits.This game will entertain you for months.wow!!

How to play:
This game is all about throwing cards to its respective match.
The card (player card) you need to swipe is rotating at the center of screen. When you find a match card in any part of the screen, then swipe the player card towards it.
If you didn't find a match card or if you can't make a right hit or if your player card is all alone, then throw that player card outside the screen and then a new player card will be generated.
Can you identify the matches within a matter of split seconds.Are you ready to play this weird epic game of visual brain teaser ? Then this game is for you.

Challenge your friends for the highest score!

Swipe features:
Original and challenging single player game.
Challenging levels but easy to learn and simple to control.
Levels are random generated.
Easy to play but hard to master game-play (just swipe mechanism).
An incredibly addictive game.
Play for free
Simple fun game
adrenaline rush
Brain training
Endless challenging game-play in each stages
Your sleepy days are over.
Just swipe it when you find a match else throw it away. That's all.

Note: Swipe formerly called swipe 2d casual visual brain teaser game/swipe.
I am happy when my players are happy, so if you have any thoughts,complaints,or cool ideas feel free to share them and contact me :[email protected]
(I am new to unity game development)

Start testing your limits in decision making skills by playing this cool endless brain teaser game.

Enjoy the fullest.
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