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Survival Battleground is a multi player leisure competitive shooting game.

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Survival Battleground description

"Wild Wars" is a "skydiving survival" mobile version of the BR game! 30 people parachuted into a desert island, avoiding gas, bombing areas, search for firearms, accessories, supply boxes. In the end, only one person can win! - "Great luck, eat chicken at night!"

[Original taste, the ultimate experience]
Gas, bombing areas, search and firearms, snatching airdrops, only one person won! - Restore the "BR game" classic gameplay!

[5 minutes in a game, leisure competition]
5 minutes free to show up anywhere, anytime, enjoy the ultimate shooting pleasure, experience the unlimited fun in the battle! Team up, open black, big chaos, pick up with the chicken friends!

[Amazing characters, showing personality]
Before the game starts, you can change roles to participate in the big battle, each character has its own characteristics! - I want to be different!

[A variety of firearms, each has its own advantages and disadvantages]
There are a variety of firearms in the game. Each firearm has its own advantages and disadvantages. Know it, use it, and love it! - Play out my hand gun!

[Fancy weapon, subversive cognition with heart]
Diverse and fun guns, create your own exclusive weapons, when the hot dog launcher is greedy for the piggy bank, strong confrontation, barely weak! There are also different hidden skills waiting to be discovered!

[American style, Q Meng role for you to choose]
Strong American style, bring visual impact, change roles before battle, each game is a different one!

[play upgrade, fair competition strategy]
Hidden in the grass, carry your own weapons, encounter different enemies, take different strategies and turn your brains to prove that your true strength is here!

[Wonderful transformation, seeing my seventy-two changes]
The supply box has a university question, the props are diverse, and the small stealth camouflage is chosen by you. You are different from others!

[Great luck, happy and joyful gathering wilderness]
The single game lasts for 3 minutes, and you can enjoy the free battle anytime, anywhere. The different exclusive weapons + game kernels are highly random, and the variability in the battle makes every experience of yours a new pleasure.

Not only can you experience adventure alone, you can also eat chicken with your comrades and your friends tonight!
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