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Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger
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Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger 0.4.4 apk, update on 2017-03-29
Welcome to Supersonic, an exciting new way to keep up with your friends!

? Send live voice messages and see emojis as you speak!
? Read my lips: Messages are converted to text so your friends can read ‘em even if they aren’t able to listen.
? Freely express yourself: Messages disappear after they’ve been heard.
? Keep it personal with one-on-one chats, or include the whole gang in a group.

We'd love to hear from you, so feel free to reach out to Supersonic Team in the app or send feedback from your profile screen.

Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger APK reviews

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Alain Brown review Alain Brown
Nice idea. Really buggy. Text/emoji Transcribing performance inconsistent. Makes you talk slower as it catches up. Erased half the conversation, not sure why it would leave the other half?
Marc Seiler review Marc Seiler
Oh look Google made another messenger...
T Morrison review T Morrison
Love it !
Leonard Bowman review Leonard Bowman
Audio quality is terrible. My friend sounds like she is in a hurricane. The app hasn't got a prayer trying to dictate such a static and garbled mess since I can't even tell what she's saying in the recording. I apparently sound almost as bad. Using Allo our recordings are clear and crisp so it's not our phones or environments.
Juilo Portez review Juilo Portez
Love the App very cool idea and next gen thinking from Google. Small things to improve on but pretty great besides that, consider making it as a part of the google keyboard or a setting for voice to text for the keyboard.
Zefareu Privatis review Zefareu Privatis
UPDATE: Found that I can only sign up & use this with cellular data, not wifi. Why? That makes this FAR less handy for me.
Raul Duran-Berestov review Raul Duran-Berestov
It looks cool, but I have no idea if my chats are encrypted
Amir Fayazi review Amir Fayazi
I'd definitely enjoy fun filters on voice or other sound effects
Ken Kinder review Ken Kinder