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About this product

Merge and rescue those infected by mysterious energy!

Super Merge description

Welcome to the world of Super Merge! With a great mission, you will start a new journey here. As the newly appointed ruler, you have been sent to rescue people who have been mutated due to the leakage of mysterious energy. Your superpowers will allow them to find themselves and rebuild their homes! In addition to saving the world, you can also explore the mysterious powers in different regions, find talents scattered everywhere, and persuade them to help you restore the world!

In this world full of mysterious powers, you can use all the materials you collect to repair or upgrade this home. You can also build and design islands according to your own preferences. There are more mysterious gameplays waiting for you to explore~

• Experience warm stories and challenging plots in a mysterious world!
There, as the plot develops, you can combine everything into better and more powerful items for you to save the world.
• Everything can be merged to discover mixed creatures that have never been seen before!
Through your extraordinary ability to merge things, to rescue the city shrouded in mysterious energy. Perfectly solve all the challenges you encounter, get different props, and use these props to help you rebuild a beautiful island!
• Exciting unlimited exploration and multiple ways to play!
Improve your ability and persuade more talents to assist you, you will encounter more different gameplay and fresh excitement!

-Place 3 identical items or multiple items side by side, and then witness the magical things that will happen next;
-As the plot progresses, new areas are constantly unlocked and different people and things are encountered.
-Actively participate in activities to win more advanced creatures and props. They will definitely help you save the world!

This is a perfect merge and construction game! Only you can't think of it, there is no merge magic world that it can't do~
Are you ready to build the home of your dreams? Now is the best time to start!
Download now and start saving this mysterious world!
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