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Classic Sudoku games, challenging number logic puzzles to train your brain.

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Sudoku Quest description

Are you a Sudoku Solver? Then Sudoku Quest has brain challenging SUDOKU puzzles. Over 2000+ Challenging Levels awaits you, whether you are a beginner or an expert you will love it. With 11 brain-training variations Sudoku Quest is the Epic Classic Sudoku game that will keep your mind active and boost/strengthen your logical skills.

Key Features in our Sudoku Puzzle game:
- Over 10,000+ Unique Sudoku Number puzzles, a smart new Challenging Puzzle every time you try.
- Only sudoku app with beautiful themes and colors and brain storming puzzles !
- Cool sudoku Variations: Classic Sudoku? We got it, Along with that try the brand-new variations like 4x4, 6x6, 8x8, 10x10, 12x12, Evil sudoku, Killer Sudoku, (Samurai)Overlapping Sudoku & much more.
- Advanced Sudoku App, optimized to play in both mobile and tablets easily.
- Colorful characters in the puzzles & soothing music.
- Multi sync: Seamless sync across devices, never lose your progress.
- Daily Sudoku Challenge: A New Daliy Brainy Puzzle without timer with new difficulty level.
- Win Daily Rewards with Daily Lucky Spin.
- Perfect for Sudoku beginners and advanced players!
- Connect with friends on Facebook, play and exchange gifts with Peers.
- Choose your puzzles DIfficulty: Hard Sudoku, Medium Sudoku, Easy Sudoku puzzles and Challenge yourself.

- Other Cool Features in our Sudoku Puzzle game:
- Lite Version: Light-Weight Sudoku App that doesn’t freeze your phone.
- Unique Challenging Sudoku puzzles & smartly designed puzzles only for you.
- Clean and simple interface with intuitive and easy controls to play
- Unlimited undo and delete option to help you when you make mistakes.
- Auto Save: Accidentally closed the game? Don’t worry, Sudoku Quest have a smart autosave option so that you don't lose your progress.
- Turn On/Off sounds to concentrate better to play puzzles.
- Duplicate Number indicator to help you avoid mistakes.-
- Helpful tips & tactics to make you an ultimate suduku expert.
- Sudoku Quest Game is suitable for both beginners & advanced players.
- Progress tracking feature enables you to track and improve your gameplay experience.
- Over 2000+ levels spread across breathtaking Islands & Adventuresome Kingdoms.
- Easier Fun Sudoko puzzles for kids with smaller grids like 4x4 & 6x6.
- Offline saduko free game that you can play anywhere anytime.
Smart Note - taking feature to make your gameplay paperless. We care for the environment !

Eye Catching Powerps in our Soduko game:
- Amazing Power Ups that will help you become the ultimate Sudoku Master.
- Hint : Finding the puzzle difficult to solve, hint is here to solve one random blank or empty cell.
- Quick Pick : Wonder which cell is easier, use Quick Pick to highlight that cell.
- Magic Eye : Getting Distracted by too many numbers, enable magic eye to focus on one number.
- Magic Lamp: This one makes your puzzle easier by filling up one cell in all blocks.
- Cell Check : filled Wrong Numbers in the cell, Cell Check highlights all the wrong entries in the Sudoku puzzle.

We hear you, we are always here to help you out with our dedicated customer support.

So Why Wait? uniquely designed challenges awaits for you, So please leave your worries away and get along with Sudoku Quest and relax yourself. Become the Sudoku master !
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