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Split-screen creator 1.0 apk, update on 2017-09-12
"Split-Screen Creator makes a shortcut to instantly launch two apps in multi-window mode" - Android Police
"Split-Screen Creator brings the Galaxy Note 8’s ‘App Pair’ feature to any Android phone" - 9to5Google
"Quick Launch Apps In Multi-Window With Split-Screen Creator" - Android Headlines

Split-screen creator is a tool that allows Android users to launch two apps in split-window mode automatically, instead of having to manually open one app, launch split-window mode and select a second app.

- Create unlimited shortcuts to automatically launch two apps in split-screen mode;
- Launch the same app in two different windows.
- Supports other app shortcuts;
- 3rd party icon packs support;
- Hide icon from home launcher;

On supported launchers, go to widgets & shortcuts and find Split-screen creator on the list. Add a new shortcut to the home launcher then select two apps/shortcuts and you're done.

- Does the Split-screen creator work on MIUI?
Unfortunately the app is not compatible with this ROM.

- Does the Split-screen creator work on Android 6.0?
The app requires Android 7.0+ to be able to run.

- Only one app is being launched after tapping the shortcut?
Some app combinations don't work well, you can try to create a new shortcut and select the apps in a different order.

- Why does the app need the accessibility service?
This option is essential for the app to work since it's required to toggle Android's split-window mode.

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Split-screen creator APK reviews

jeaHAvee jGRight review jeaHAvee jGRight
This app runs fine on my tablet. I can have either app open above, below, left, or right as long as I configure it differently the next time. However Waze and Poweramp do not open properly on my HTC 10. Instead of Waze and Poweramp I get Waze and this app itself opening. Therefore I end up with ways at the bottom and a blank screen at the top. Give it a try.
A Google user review A Google user
Well I have in build split screen as I have Moto g4+ but I still tried...works very good but crashes a bit and sometimes opens app separately....hope u try to fix some bugs......otherwise it's a very useful and cool app
Ansik Boga review Ansik Boga
Works great on some apps but inexplicably doesn't work at all for others. Boost for Reddit combined with chrome for example works great when I manually multiwindow them but with this app Boost turned into a grey window.
ezkailez 323 review ezkailez 323
Not working on MIUI 9 (on default launcher, no widgets detected. But concept is nice and certainly works on other device. Instead of opening both apps in split screen, the app instead open app no.1, then switch to app no.2
Tom Morris review Tom Morris
Ten stars! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 It saves me so much time setting up the same two apps that I use in split screen every day. Took a few tries before I worked out how to get the widget to work properly but it's well worth it!
Solar System review Solar System
It not running with some difficult app or games, but stable work in common things as internet browser, notes (google keep), ebook readers etc.
Swag Knight review Swag Knight
It doesn't work for some apps like adventure capitalist and clash royale
Malik Minhas review Malik Minhas
WhatsApp and YouTube don't work together :(
Gábor Ivanicskó review Gábor Ivanicskó
Doesn't work half of the times.
Sinan Cagrı Kurt review Sinan Cagrı Kurt
Previous version worked better for me. A lot better. YouTube used to be stay on upper side of screen. After Acknowledging the issue still. Change.
Sith Lord Mills review Sith Lord Mills
It doesn't seem to work on my Xperia XZ.
not working in Mi Mix .. load then just open one of the apps
Neric Nathan review Neric Nathan
It dose not work
Enigma Machine review Enigma Machine
This app hard locked my phone do not use.
Jogender singh review Jogender singh
Not working on my Moto g5 plus
Jessica Horn review Jessica Horn
tried several combinations and none of them worked
Jordan Hogan review Jordan Hogan
Works well on my LG G6.
Sudhi Vazhappillil review Sudhi Vazhappillil
Very smoothly working on my one plus 3. Thanks devoloper
Don Bryant review Don Bryant
A. Memory. Pig. And Very Very Poor Function.🐂
Bianca Wolf review Bianca Wolf
I couldn't make a single pair!! Deleted immediately.
Ganesh venki review Ganesh venki
Not working as expected
Tamás Kiss review Tamás Kiss
Working with few apps
John Li review John Li
Works amazingly well, does what it says and works.
Jacob Parton review Jacob Parton
This is a good concept if it would work.
Kiran Navale review Kiran Navale
Improved A Lot With New Update
Ahmed Kandeel review Ahmed Kandeel
Nice work very thanks .. keep updating
Lev Lavy review Lev Lavy
works good on one plus 5
sesaki - review sesaki -
i have cancer
Kishore Namala review Kishore Namala
Waste of time
Syed Abdul Kareem review Syed Abdul Kareem
Its worst
The best of knowledge review The best of knowledge
very important app. thanks
Salvador Castellanos review Salvador Castellanos
Keeps crashing
Bryan Diaz Vega review Bryan Diaz Vega
Love it 🎈😗
Aditya Muhammad review Aditya Muhammad
Rachel Mullins review Rachel Mullins
It's amazing
King Shamim review King Shamim
Great working
gaopalelwe kitsenyane review gaopalelwe kitsenyane
One of a kind
Albert Mkarakate review Albert Mkarakate
Vikas Sharma review Vikas Sharma
Hate it
Sadanapalli Harshith review Sadanapalli Harshith