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Speedcheck apk, update on 2018-06-03
Speedcheck is the only speed test that lets you test your internet connection on both Wi-Fi and cellular networks, keep track of your speed tests and contribute your results to a crowdsourced map of Wi-Fi Hotspots that shows the speed of each hotspot. You can use the included Wi-Fi Finder to find Free and Fast Wi-Fi - in Hotels, Cafes, Restaurants - anywhere in the world.

Main Features:
✓ Run Speed Tests for your cellular Network on 3g, 4g, LTE connections to improve your coverage
✓ Test the Download and Upload Speed and Ping of WiFi Hotspots on dsl, adsl, cable connections.
✓ Help make finding free WiFi Hotspots with fast network connections possible by contributing your test results to the crowdsourced Wi-Fi Finder database
✓ Worldwide high speed data server network for reliable results
✓ Keep track of your internet speed tests in your personal result history. The includes download and upload speed, ping, signal strength, network name, internal and external IP and the test date.
✓ Compare your different 3g, 4g, LTE cell speed tests. Study the reliability of your broadband dsl, adsl, cable connections over time.
✓ Use the Wi-Fi Finder to access a coverage map that let’s you easily locate free, fast WiFi Hotspots around you in Hotels, Cafes and Restaurants and other public locations like stores, bars and libraries

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+ Speedcheck version (Updated: 2018-06-03 01:29:52, size: 15,810,950)
+ Speedcheck version (Updated: 2018-05-13 16:21:28, size: 15,274,318)
+ Speedcheck version (Updated: 2018-03-01 17:37:13, size: 15,145,388)
+ Speedcheck version (Updated: 2018-02-27 11:58:47, size: 15,145,292)
+ Speedcheck version (Updated: 2018-02-25 08:06:41, size: 15,145,308)
+ Speedcheck version (Updated: 2018-02-22 19:39:43, size: 15,131,948)
+ Speedcheck version (Updated: 2018-02-22 01:59:25, size: 15,132,552)
+ Speedcheck version (Updated: 2018-02-19 10:47:22, size: 15,129,842)
+ Speedcheck version (Updated: 2018-02-17 20:40:02, size: 14,547,632)
+ Speedcheck version (Updated: 2018-02-07 00:56:32, size: 14,509,458)
+ Speedcheck version (Updated: 2018-01-04 19:14:50, size: 14,469,157)
+ Speedcheck version (Updated: 2017-12-16 10:28:36, size: 14,465,301)
+ Speedcheck version (Updated: 2017-11-20 04:06:43, size: 14,465,097)
+ Speedcheck version (Updated: 2017-11-09 05:03:35, size: 14,497,741)
+ Speedcheck version (Updated: 2017-11-04 07:05:16, size: 14,615,048)
+ Speedcheck version (Updated: 2017-10-29 08:06:13, size: 14,649,217)
+ Speedcheck version (Updated: 2017-10-21 23:16:42, size: 15,090,825)
+ Speedcheck version (Updated: 2017-09-02 16:32:02, size: 14,865,613)
+ Speedcheck version (Updated: 2017-09-01 11:05:52, size: 14,862,738)
+ Speedcheck version (Updated: 2017-08-31 09:05:55, size: 14,862,534)
+ Speedcheck version (Updated: 2017-08-22 00:01:49, size: 14,336,951)
+ Speedcheck version (Updated: 2017-08-19 14:30:42, size: 14,337,215)
+ Speedcheck version (Updated: 2017-08-14 08:16:33, size: 14,733,361)
+ Speedcheck version (Updated: 2017-07-28 13:16:52, size: 14,498,349)
+ Speedcheck version (Updated: 2017-07-26 10:41:21, size: 14,489,217)
+ Speedcheck version (Updated: 2017-07-11 14:11:36, size: 14,311,697)
+ Speedcheck version 4.0.2 (Updated: 2017-05-04 08:06:39, size: 14,030,490)
+ Speedcheck version 4.0.1 (Updated: 2017-04-11 12:49:49, size: 13,999,182)
+ Speedcheck version (Updated: 2017-04-07 16:11:34, size: 13,903,401)
+ Speedcheck version (Updated: 2017-01-16 20:19:56, size: 10,581,199)
+ Speedcheck version (Updated: 2017-01-11 00:38:01, size: 10,371,247)
+ Speedcheck version (Updated: 2016-12-10 12:26:46, size: 12,725,602)
+ Speedcheck version (Updated: 2016-11-01 12:27:49, size: 11,649,760)
+ Speedcheck version (Updated: 2016-09-14 23:51:34, size: 11,744,322)
+ Speedcheck version (Updated: 2016-08-20 16:16:53, size: 11,632,474)
+ Speedcheck version (Updated: 2016-08-18 12:35:18, size: 11,690,784)
+ Speedcheck version (Updated: 2016-07-23 19:54:37, size: 10,224,429)
+ Speedcheck version (Updated: 2016-05-05 02:35:14, size: 10,293,191)
+ Speedcheck version (Updated: 2016-04-12 08:27:12, size: 10,160,748)
+ Speedcheck version (Updated: 2016-03-30 07:25:51, size: 10,198,072)
+ Speedcheck version (Updated: 2016-03-15 12:21:06, size: 10,205,693)
+ Speedcheck version (Updated: 2016-03-12 04:43:06, size: 10,206,121)
+ Speedcheck version (Updated: 2016-01-15 08:34:29, size: 6,678,439)
+ Speedcheck version (Updated: 2016-01-14 20:09:30, size: 6,677,825)
+ Speedcheck version 3.4 (Updated: 2016-01-09 06:46:00, size: 4,834,886)

Speedcheck APK reviews

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Bad speedtest application in my opinion.
Results are Way OFF according to the Majority of Tested & Proven Speedtest Applications in the market currently available. Rating 5 Stars does Absolutely NOTHING to make application "Ad Free." Also this app. has way to many Ad's. It has Ad's at the bottom constantly. It also bombards you with FULL Page AD'S. Very annoying. UNINSTALLED THIS APPLICATION IMMEDIATELY! ????????????????
Kazuhito Sasaki review Kazuhito Sasaki
Great app
I use this app when I feel something wrong with a network condition. The operation is quite simple and the result is easy to understand. It is also good to see the history of the results.
Peter J Newman review Peter J Newman
Great, but it's totally useless for avoiding speeding tickets, I've just got one so thanks a lot for that...hope this helps, don't mention it...
Fay Hope review Fay Hope
Very Useful
Using this speed tester at home reveals just how poor a service is delivered over 'fibre' broadband in the UK. Incredibly indicative of when you just need to reboot your router to try and get a better 'signal' from the vdsl signalling connecting you by plain old telephone wiring which still connects you to the nearest Openreach green cabinet. Just brilliant, reliable and accurate. If you still are using standard adsl broadband it is important just to regularly check your connection. 100% recommended.
Ian Morrison review Ian Morrison
Fantastic app, very easy and straightforward to use. Would wholeheartedly recommend.
Ibrahim Beyaztas review Ibrahim Beyaztas
I love this app
This is one of the best speed test app I ever had thank you so much developers
Kevin Weidman review Kevin Weidman
Works great
It's a handy little app to find out what the problem is when things are slow.
Gregory Smith review Gregory Smith
For some reason it only recorded around half the rate that Speed Checker this morning, and generally records a lot lower than other apps... So much so that I complained to my ISP about low speeds... Before they told me to check using Speed Checker... Any explanation??
Robert Dresser review Robert Dresser
Works when other's won't measure speed
Not sure of 100 per cent accuracy, however, I love the idea of giving users the knowledge of high and low values of megabytes for different usage.. Thank you very much.
Roudy Azar review Roudy Azar
Such an easy and great app for network testing
Zafar Touheed review Zafar Touheed
Its precise effective and time saving. A good app .
Jules Topalian review Jules Topalian
It doesn't max out my download speed... Side by side with another speed test app, I'm about 100Mbps slower with this app... Still, it handles about 130Mbps.
Pravin Tailor review Pravin Tailor
Speed test is great. Also the log is very useful
Everytime I try to find Wi-Fi in my area and it only shows my home for instance Walmart is less than an eighth of a mile from my house and I use their Wi-Fi everytime I go there but it doesn't show up on this everything else works but it doesn't do a Wi-Fi search for me