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Family location tracker app for everyone - Connect with family anytime, anywhere

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Socifind - Family Safety description

Socifind - Family Safety is one of the best free family location tracker & sharing apps that lets you know the location of any family member and contact them through messaging.

We have brought you a fantastic family locator app that is user-friendly, easy and simple. You have to install our locator family app on your android, turn on the location, send a follow request to your family via the phone book and you are ready to go! Make sure, your family members also have this family security app installed on their devices.

In today’s world of chaos and business, we tend to worry about our kids or adults while they stay out for a long time. To help you get rid of all tensions, our family locator gps app is here. Simply download this family tracker and locator app on all devices and connect with family from anywhere in the world.

Install Socifind - Family Safety app for free and get started with a few simple taps!

How to Use Socifind to Track Family:

•To find family location, you have to install the family locator app and sign up.
•To add a friend or family member, you need to enter their phone number or select it from the phone book.
•When they approve your request, you can see their live location on the map instantly form anywhere in the world.
•You must have an active internet connection to use this family safety app.
•You need to allow access to both your and your kids' or family member's geolocation from the settings of this tracker family locator app.
If you are looking for a free family location tracker app to keep in touch with your kids or adults or friends all the time, trying this family security app will be worth the effort.


👍 See the location of your family on the gps map in real-time using this tracker family locator app.
👍 Keep your security at the highest level. This family locator app doesn't save your personal information. Also, you can block your friends at any time.
👍Get direction to your kids' location instantly with one tap in this family tracker app.
👍 Chat with your family in privately using the in-built messaging system of this family location finder app.
👍 Download this free family location tracker app anywhere in the world and to access all the updated features, spend only a few dimes.

Whether you are looking for family locator gps apps to find family location instantly or tracker family locator apps to connect with family anytime, anywhere, the Socifind - Family Safety app is your right choice.
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