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Sniper Shooter Free - Fun Game 2.9.2 apk, update on 2016-01-13
Aim and Shoot! Kill the bad guys and accomplish missions to become a Master Hitman.

- 3D graphics
- Multiple TARGETS and Scenarios!
- Improve your skills and accomplish EXTREME MISSIONS
- Mini sniper puzzles
- 13 chapters for you to enjoy. More chapters coming soon!
- Layout fully optimized for smartphones and tablets!

Don't miss a single Shot....or you will end up losing your job!

Looks awesome on smartphones and tablets!

Download Sniper Shooter Free - Fun Game now and don't miss amazing updates!

Sniper Shooter Free - Fun Game APK reviews

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Mirull V review Mirull V
I love to play this game to release my tension..but sometime it added more tension to me.. i could not pass the last chapter because of that 90 please try to make some sniper with a grenade bullet (can afford by gold.) to ease me and others :) and more importantly..make the aim system can be choose between 'tilt' and 'swipe'.. sometimes i want to play this game in car..i'd aimed the target but the car turned and my target had passed me.. so far the game was good :D
NintenYoshi review NintenYoshi
The game is amazing. Excellent graphics, fun gameplay, and challenging levels. It's all balanced, except for the tilting. It's one of the base controls of this game, and it's pretty annoying. You have to stay on one position if you want the best play, and the aim sometimes randomly goes off, and ruins the gameplay. If this could be optional, for example, put a D-Pad or manual control for those who find tilt difficult, it would be amazing. The game is great, but the tilt is my major gripe.
Zoey Fasan review Zoey Fasan
Sit down and listen to a person who had been playing before the big baby rifle was even in the game the motion control makes sense once you play for a bit and after a while you might even see that the recommended rifle might not be the best one for the mission. Also great replay ability
Zack Stenberg review Zack Stenberg
You really need to add like another button when you click the retry button. When I was on level 13 and the last level I killed 85/90 guys and about to win. So I pause to get myself in a better position and what do I click? The retry button. Fix it so I can finally win and maybe make the last level a little bit easier.
Arthur Mucciolo review Arthur Mucciolo
The game needs alot of improvements. When i say that i mean that the options need to be expanded into different available game play modes(difficulty), graphics(high/low), and last but not least, is adding the ability to invert y axis on control layout. Its so much easier to shoot in any game with inverted y axis. If this one feature is added then i will retype this rating review and post 5 stars! Faster that feature gets added then the faster you get 5 stars from me! If not soon then i will uninstall.
K2XOXO review K2XOXO
This is a great game to play when you have some time to kill... It's easy to control with a simple goal, but it is challenging enough to keep it interesting. It's definitely one of my favorites... although it's probably not an ideal game for little ones... or the type of d-bags that use video games to justify their own bad choices in life.
Karen N. review Karen N.
So frustrating! You had a good thing going with a fun and challenging game...then the invader levels start. If I wanted to play Counter Strike, I would. I wanted a simple sniper game with a few little twists. Played, paid, got fed up with having to head-shot dozens of baddies in redundant, repetative, idiocy to move on, deleted. Thanks for nothing.
Steve Kaylor review Steve Kaylor
Needs to be a way to invert aim and reset where your "0" is. If I start the game looking at the floor, then I have to keep playing looking at the floor. And not everyone enjoys the up is down orientation. These simple option additions would change this score so much.
_lost_ demon_ review _lost_ demon_
That one level where you have to kill five gangsters who are trying to kill you, it wouldn't hurt to have a health bar. Because you don't know which shot could kill you. And maybe a hide button could work. So you don't face the risk of gettin caught. Add these things and its a definite five for me.
Russian Hotdog review Russian Hotdog
You have to shoot them in the head!!!!?? Why can't you shot them anywhere. I'm on a mission where you have to kill three terrorists, I can't even get passed it because you have to shoot them in the head! Why can't you shoot them in the leg or body!? They're falling from the sky and it's almost impossible to shoot them all in the head. You also have to many adds which get annoying and when I'm on the bus since you have to tilt to move it makes it impossible!!
Tasha Blaser review Tasha Blaser
Can't get past the last stage of the last chapter..?! And the last gun, you have to purchase..?!? Not cool.. ?? the second to last gun was able to be obtained by points or purchase but the last gun isn't?? And the notifications pop up telling me to find the "psy" but doesn't say which chapter or where to find him. Just takes you to the main menu of the game and the only one I know of is in the first chapter,.?!! Is that the one..??
Dilapidated Boat review Dilapidated Boat
Make it so we can turn off the motion control and use our fingers. The motion control sucks. Also why in the hell are the snipers so expensive? Like come on man $12 U.S. Dollars for a bunch of pixels in a mediocre sniping game? F' that
Jennifer Lambert review Jennifer Lambert
Pretty simple. The tilt takes some getting used to but it's way less complicated than the other shooting I games I've found. It's also not as violent or gory as the other shooting games I've tried so I don't have to worry about my nephew or niece opening it and getting and getting scared. You're no Navy Seal but you can be one badass Stick Figure
Brandon Hall review Brandon Hall
Though this game has an alarming violent premise that seeks to move us closer to a society of self righteous sociopaths, it is still rather enjoyable.... and I wanted the free updates. Remember kids: revenge is for the ignorant.
Michael Tucker review Michael Tucker
Lol, all these people begging for a non tilt to aim option. That's how the game is people, it's part of the challenge. Don't like it? Don't play it. It IS beatable, I beat it on my old iPhone 4. Now I get to do it all again on my bigger better LG G3